Monday, September 10, 2018

First Day of School

The end of August always brings the start of the school year. 

Brooke is in Junior Kindergarten and is loving being in the "big kid" class with our favorite teacher, Ms. Hildebrandt

Blake is in 1st grade and gets his own desk and he was VERY excited for this

 This little guy is growing up too fast!!

Friday, September 7, 2018

August Roundup

August was a crazy busy month. We definitely got in a lot of summer fun!! 

Captain Blake and Captain Brooke (they are dressed up as "pilots")

Brooke and Mommy date to Yumz for fro-yo

Uncle Fruh let us come on his boat and hang out at his place for a fun night. 

The Tod Squad had a girls night at Brush in downtown Cary. We made wooden signs and drank and I laughed so much it hurt. I had a fantastic time. 


 The Malls (Louis' cousin and his family) came to IL for a quick visit. We headed out to the beach for the day and these three had a great time.

Family Picture (James, McKenna, Colleen, John, Me, Blake, Louis, Meghan, Julie, Steve, Bill, Kathy, Joni and Brooke)

Julie and her fiance Sean
 My parents, Sean and I took the kids to the zoo while Louis was golfing

Brooke has worn her hair in a ponytail for the last year. Including at night. So when she wanted to play and do crazy hairstyles I jumped on that chance!!

Monday, August 6, 2018

Lake Tahoe- Part 3

It wouldn't be a trip if we didn't rent a boat and explore Lake Tahoe from the lake.
Captain Blake

Captain Brooke

Louis and Sean were brave enough to climb a cliff and jumped off. They still might be feeling the impact from that jump!!
Louis on the cliff

Sean on the cliff

Uncle Sean brought a floatie and it was a HIT

Brooke was sleeping under those sunglasses....haha.

Brooke made some baby duck friends
Blake and Papa went crawfishing and caught a ton!!

Last morning there, we took another hike

On our last day we drove to Squaw Valley, where the 1960 Winter Olympics were held. It was SO COOL. There was a resort, restaurants and shops to walk around and then a BIG and SCARY tram ride up 2,000 feet (at 8,200 elevation) to a pool/hot tub area.

Sunset the final night!
We had an amazing trip and can't stop talking about the fun we had. Thank you so much to my parents for planning and funding such an amazing experience. Can't wait for the next adventure.