Friday, January 19, 2018

December and Christmas Break Recap

I have no idea how it happened but somehow I managed to get almost a month past Christmas before posting about the last half of December. So prepare yourself this might be picture/information overload!!

First up, this was the first year that it was just Brooke at the Goddard holiday show. She had memorized all the lyrics to all the songs and sang all the time but when it was showtime she froze a bit more. She still did great job and bonus, I got her to wear a dress!!

Every year we have a holiday dinner with my parents. This year we decided it was time to invite the kids along. There was lots of drama and tears leading up to dinner but when we finally all got there the kids were very well behaved and loved going to a "fancy" restaurant. My favorite part is seeing how nice my kids can clean up when wearing nice clothes (such a rare treat!)

At the end of November Papa got to be a mystery reader in Blake's class and we got a picture back from that fun day.
Our Tod Squad got together for a Chili Cook off/ Holiday party and it was a blast! Kudos to Blake for being the only boy in a sea of girls!!!
We started off our Christmas celebrations over at Uncle James and Aunt Colleen's house. The three amigos loved hanging out.

Blake is so great with little kids and McKenna is his absolute favorite and I think the feeling is mutual.
We only took one picture on Christmas Eve and it wasn't our best....haha....
Santa came and the kids were very happy!

Two days after Christmas we packed up the car to drive in below zero temps to head up to the Wisconsin Dells with the Yemm's

Girlfriend just can't hang without a nap... so the quick shuttle ride put her right to sleep
The kids love to paint pottery so we took a swim break for painting

Wendy and I cheers!!
BIG DAY FOR BLAKE, he finally lost his first tooth and the tooth fairy got to visit the hotel
Silly doesn't even begin to describe this group.....

Brooke either was happy, overtired and crabby or asleep......
How he can sleep upside down on that chair is beyond me but he was super cozy

We played lots of games of Old Maid and Go Fish

Group Selfie
For New Years Eve we hit up Nicks Pizza with our favorites...someone wasn't feeling it

Happy NYE!!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Annual Grand Geneva Christmas Lights

Every year we have been driving to Lake Geneva to stop at the Grand Geneva to see all the light displays. This year with the weather being near perfect (in the 50's) we drove up!

Blake loved this huge bear

This might be my favorite picture
Brooke and I liked this Teddy Bear much better!!
Brooke and the "baby snowman"

We even saw Adelyn there!

Then, thanks to the Yemm's suggestion we headed over to Pier 290 for dinner and then to take a ride on the Santa Cruise. The cruise drives around the lake and stops for Santa to say if the kids were on the nice list (they were!) and then drives back.
Blake and Adelyn on the boat (I plan on using this picture in their wedding photo montage!!)