Tuesday, June 19, 2018

June Happenings

Technically, its what we have been up to from the last week in May through today.
Over Memorial Day weekend we hit the Three Oaks beach

Then headed to my parents for s'mores

We also had the Yemm's over and took a rare picture of Wendy and I
Then back to my parents where we set up the pool and the kids "surfed"
Anytime we go to Nicks the kids want their picture taken on the bench

Blake's last day of Kindergarten
Look how much he has grown
Wendy, Sean and I went to the Taylor Swift concert. First up was drinks/dinner at Hampton Social

Sorry, I can't rotate this picture

The Crystal Lake beach got a new playground and we have been breaking it in

Back at Nicks for silly pictures
Karyn had her birthday at the Arlington Racetrack and us girls all dressed up for the occassion.
Denise and Jill
Me and Christeen

Me and Karyn

Denise, Christeen, Me, Karyn and Jill
I am so glad to have this group of ladies (and their husbands). We have so much fun together and our kids all love one another. Friends for life!!

Monday, June 18, 2018

8 years

8 years we have been married. In some respects it feels like it has been forever and in other ways I blinked and here we are. I am so glad that I started the tradition of us taking a picture on our anniversary so we can look back and see how amazing we have aged (ha!)

2011 (pregnant with Blake)
2013 (very early pregnant with Brooke)

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Malic Family Vacation: Disney Cruise

The kids have seen Disney Cruise commercials on the Disney channel for as long as I can remember and they asked constantly to go on the Disney boat (clearly Disney advertising works!) so we knew that we wanted to add in the cruise. If we were going to do Disney we were doing it big!!

Our room had two huge portholes with benches so each kid could get a bench and that helped with fighting over the seat (well mostly!)

The view of our room (the bunk bed pulls out from the ceiling over the couch).

After checking out our room, grabbing a quick lunch onboard we headed to the pool.
Then it was time for the sailing away party!
Each night on the cruise you rotate to a different dining room but your wait staff rotates with you.

The lobby of the cruise. SO PRETTY.

Then we got in line to meet the big guy. The kids were so very excited.

The boat had these porthole benches all over and the kids loved sitting in them and hanging out.
While walking down the hall, Brooke literally ran into Minnie.
The shows on board each night were Broadway level shows that were fantastic. We all loved them and are so glad we got to see them.
When we finally got back to our room, we had the bunk beds ready. These kids approved.
The next morning after breakfast we ran into Goofy who was still rocking his PJ's
Then on the deck we got some quality time in with Pluto
The first day we were ported in Nassau, Bahamas. We didn't plan anything at this port and instead decided to remain the ship. Smart move on our part since it rained almost the entire day.
View of the Atlantis resort.
Pluto hung out a bit with the kids and watched Blake play shuffleboard
Then let Brooke scratch his nose
We had passes to meet Elsa and Anna and the kids DID NOT WANT to do this. They were whiny the whole time in line yet managed to take a decent picture.
The kids loved making their own ice cream cones onboard

Napping before pirate night
The theme of the night was pirates. I knew this beforehand so I ordered shirts for the kids and we had swords handy. Goofy got in the spirit as well.
Dinner this night was in a room that had TV screens all over where the characters from Finding Nemo swam from screen to screen. The kids LOVED this one.

The show this night was Beauty and the Beast and it did not disappoint. The kids are now Beauty and the Beast obsessed.
We woke up the next morning at Disney's private island, Castaway Cay. The weather cleared and we had a fantastic day.

Blake's only request our entire trip was he wanted to snorkel. He and Louis must have been out there for 5 hours. He loved every second. He even swam up to a turtle to pet it. Ha.

Meanwhile, us girls rented floats to relax

Dinner this night was optional "fancy" dress. So the kids met Minnie in her fancy dress.

Our cruise was over the next morning but we didn't have a flight until 5pm so we rented a car and drove back to Disney Springs. It was raining ALL DAY. We originally wanted to drive to Cocoa Beach but given all the rain we opted for Disney Springs. We had to pay a TON for this cheap stroller rental and ponchos but managed an OK time before heading back to the airport.

Getting home was an entirely separate story. Flight delays (terrible weather in Chicago) caused us to land in Cincinati at 1:30am and cause us to find a hotel (had to go to 2 to get a room) and rent a car and ultimately drive home the next day. It was an adventure to say the least!!
It was definitely an experience we won't forget.