Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Birthday Boys

Today these two boys turn the big 3-0!!!!! Here are a bunch of pictures of Louis and James. I swear, I did not intentionally plan for most pictures to have them wearing pretty much the same thing, this just shows that maybe in their 30's they can splurge on some new shirts :)


Christmas Party at their apartment

Their 27th Birthday

Bar, post college

Our trip to Europe in 2005

Halloween Senior Year of College

Doing what they do best, sleeping

Senior Walk...this picture always creeps me out!

Door County this summer

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Big Boy Room

Blake is officially in the 2 year old room. Even though he has two months until he turns two, he was able to move up (part in thanks to his biting habit, which fingers crossed seems to have gone away). What is even more exciting for him is that this past Monday, Ella, his best friend is now in the same class with him. He won't stop talking about her (but don't worry Raegan he will still marry you!!). Here are some pictures of his first official week there!

One of his new favorites, coloring (no he isn't a lefty, not sure why he is coloring that way)

Blake is always surrounded by the ladies (Ella is on the right, Maggie on the left)

Probably the first picture of him outside without him holding the lawn mower

Don't worry, he hasn't forgotten about his favorite toy, there it is back in action!

Lining up for gym. Of course Ella is right next to him!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

3rd Annual Malic/Kramer Dells Trip: Part 2

More Dells Fun......

Hanging out on the hideaway bed in the condo watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

More duck feeding (Blake and Raegan kept eating the bread for the ducks)

Waterpark kids area

Best Friends

Uncle Eric giving luggage cart rides (probably their second favorite activity)

An attempt at a family picture

Annual picture

The only Katie/Jenny picture (we need to work on this!!)

Holding hands.....Katie and I can't wait to plan their wedding :)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

3rd Annual Malic/Kramer Dells Trip: Part 1

This was our third annual Wisconsin Dells trip and I have to declare it a success. Both kids behaved very well and got along. WOOHOO. Raegan may have a slight crush on her boyfriend Blake :)

Feeding the ducks on the porch....probably the highlight of the trip for both Blake and Raegan

Blake insisted on playing in his pack n play but only if Raegan joined him 

Blake and Louis at the wave pool

Katie and Raegan

Two little explorers (aka Blake would run all over and Raegan would follow)

Hanging out waiting for the waves

Bath time