Thursday, September 25, 2014

Brooke's Baptism

This past Sunday Brooke got baptized. She was baptized in the same church as Blake (St. Anne's in Barrington). James and Katie are her godparents just like they are for Blake. We all went out to lunch at the Onion Pub beforehand (again same thing we did for Blake, seeing a trend?). 

Before the ceremony

Brooke fell asleep for half of the ceremony (so did Blake, haha)

She woke up in time to be dunked and she did great. She didn't cry at all!! (P.S. Blake was trying to drink the water!!)

The girls (Raegan is behind us!!)

I could eat that face up, so cute!!

The only family photo #keepingitreal

Brooke and Blake are both so blessed to have such great people in their lives who love them very much. I promise that the grandparents were there but we didn't get any with my parents and the one's with Louis' parents didn't turn out at all. Oops!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

J&C's Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

Less than a month from now we will officially have another Malic in the family. James already got one bachelor party in Vegas in August. Lucky him! All of girls and guys met up together at the Arlington Race Track. Then afterwards the girls went into the city (I went home to watch the kids) and the guys went to Naperville. 

Malic Sandwich

The track put up a little blurb about J&C

The Boys

Friday, September 19, 2014

Blake and Brooke

Thank goodness for daycare! We love getting the daily pictures and it is a nice way to document our kids growing up. 

Brooke's first "ponytail". The teachers gave her this hairdo

Fall weather has hit us

Look at that hair, it looks like she got awesome highlights!

They have such a mutual love for each other!!

PJ Day

Friday, September 12, 2014

Grand Geneva Fall Trip: Part 2

The next day we went downtown Lake Geneva for some shopping and walking around

Hanging out at the beach in Fontana

We are still trying to convince Papa to buy this boat. Brooke loved it :)

Our little Brookie isn't a big fan of swimming but we managed to get her in the water. She was a total trooper because we didn't know it then but she had an ear infection. 

Blake on the other hand was in love with the pool. He was mastering his jumps

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Grand Geneva Fall Trip:Part 1

This past weekend we took some time to spend a long weekend up in Lake Geneva at the Grand Geneva with my parents and Sean. We have been there a ton of times but had never stayed there. It was such a treat- thanks again Mom and Dad!

The view from the suite

This was pretty much Louis' version of heaven

Lunch at the golf clubhouse

After lunch we had scheduled a carriage ride. The Grand Geneva has a trolley system to drive you everywhere so we were waiting for the trolley.

Petting the goats before the horse ride

Blake was in love with the horse, he didn't want to take his eyes off of her. 

Since it was sunny we brought an umbrella to keep Brooke totally in the shade. Yep, we looked like goofballs for the sake of Brookie Bean. 

Dinner at Mars (we originally were eating outside but the wasps were so bad we moved inside)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Brooke 6 Months

I cannot believe that our baby girl is half a year old today. Time needs to slow down. Brooke is definitely at a fun age. She is great at sitting up on her own (she still does tip over once in awhile). She requires to be part of the action all the time. If she can be next to Blake it is her version of heaven. Her hair is getting more blonde by the day. She is wearing 12 month PJ's, 9 month tops and 6 month pants (soon she will be rocking 9 month pants). She only has the two teeth still but her gums are swollen and she is chewing and drooling like a champ so I hope more are on the way. We introduced her to the jumperoo and she likes it. She does NOT like to eat solid foods. She turns her head and hits our hand away. She wants no part of it. We have been able to sneak a few bites in here and there but this will be our battle with her. Brookie also hates to nap, mostly because she will miss out on fun. She averages only about 1.5 hours of nap a day but does sleep about 11-12 hours at night (every once and awhile she wakes up for a bottle). She is talking up a storm babbling away. Love you sweet pea!!

Our comparison to Blake at this age....