Thursday, July 23, 2015

What else, pictures of B&B

Usually at school Blake barely sits still for pictures during the day but lately he has been loving his picture taken. 

That blankie is Blake's absolute favorite and Louis HATES it...haha

Just loungin'....what a life

This picture defines his personality

At school they got to see a circus type show and Brooke was allowed to sit next to Blake. She was in heaven!

Well hello there

Growing up way too fast

Lounging in the sun during water day!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Trip to the Zoo

Our monthly date with the Kramer's was to the Brookfield Zoo. The day was very hot and sunny and we got there right when it opened. The kids both loved every minute of it. 

Raegan and Blake

Brooke and Weston at the splashpad. I forgot swimsuits for the kids unlike Katie 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Pics of B&B

She is 16 months going on 16 years. She loves playing with the "computer"

Art time is his favorite

We took Blake to see The Minion Movie and he was very excited for his own big bag of popcorn!

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Definition of Summer

This past weekend we managed to cram in almost every single tradition summer/4th of July thing you could do, and it was AWESOME. 

We started off Thursday morning with a little silly

After work we took the kids to the Crystal Lake Lakeside Fest. Blake rode on all the rides, and even wanted to go on the rides he was too short for. He ran into his friend Mason and the two of them went crazy on the rides. We probably spent a million dollars in tickets!

The kid was all smiles waiting in line for the "big dragon ride"

Fest popcorn is worth fighting over!

The next day was my birthday and we started the day off with breakfast downtown Crystal Lake. What cuties!!

Then some backyard pool action

We ended the night with Cary fireworks (Grandma Malic was kind enough to watch Brooke as she was asleep before we even left the house!!)

For the actual 4th, we woke up and packed up for a day at the beach in Fontana on Geneva Lake.

We ended the weekend with a little grilling with the whole Malic crew followed by smores and sparklers!!

I have no idea how we are going to top this next year but we will sure try. Truly the definition of the perfect summer weekend. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Life Lately

Lots of random pictures for today's post. 

Last weekend my Grandma Picard and Aunt Linda came to visit. We took the kids to the park and they both got sleepy on the swings!!

Probably by far the best picture ever!!

This cabinet in the play room never has anything in it because the kids use it as their hideout!!

Brooke has already mastered the slam dunk

Blake lately has been really into reading and puzzles


These goofballs