Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

This morning Blake was really into wearing his fireman helmet around the house (he got it at daycare when the Cary fire department came to visit). He didn't dress up as a fireman, but I thought it was super cute so I had to share.

We decided that the criteria for Blake's costume was the following: 1) He would wear it 2) nothing he can rip off 3) comfort.

Enter the MickeyMouse Costume

Don't be fooled, he doesn't mind the costume, he is really mad I made him sit and attempt a picture. I swear in the last 3 months I don't have one picture of him smiling. grrrrr.

Even MickeyMouse needs to drink milk

Watching MickeyMouse :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Picking

In my head, when we went to take Blake pumpkin picking for the first time (last year he was only a week old so we didnt do anything) it was going to be lots of smiles and fun. Well, turns out my plan got a little off course. I don't know if he was just tired or was scared by all of the people but he wasn't a fan. We were there a total of 20 minutes and he was the happiest when we were in the car heading home. Oh well, there is always next year! I did force some fun pictures in the process.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Blake's Birthday Love {Part 4}

I promise this is the final chapter in the Blake 1st Birthday story.
Blake and G&G Unti
Blake and G&G Malic (this picture is just too funny to not share)
The hat was Louis' suggestion, clearly it didnt go over well

Singing Happy Birthday (no tears, so he clearly doesnt take after his Mommy)
Playing with the cake

You can't really tell by the pictures but I assure you, he was covered in frosting. He really liked the cake.
All the partying wore him out and he laid down in the middle of the floor during the party and attempted to nap. Poor kid.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Blake's Birthday Love {Part 3}

This birthday blog post focuses on the presents. Yes, I am trying to milk this birthday party for numerous posts, so be on the look out for Part 4.
Blake was attached to my Dad pretty much the entire time so of course he started off opening presents in Grandpa's arms.
Chewing on the IWU football from Uncle James
Raegan wanted to join the birthday present action
Blake and his popper toy. Both grandparents got him the same thing as did Uncle Sean and Uncle James. Our family are in sync with presents.
Blake quickly got over the opening presents hype and gladly allowed Aubrey to step in and help open presents. She is an expert after all :)
Yep, that is Raegan and Blake playing together. VICTORY!
Aunt Katie wins the award for best wrapped present. (It was a sweet wagon!)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blake's Birthday Love {Part 2}

This post is decided to the random party pictures we took.
My Mom and Jackson
Blake and Louis watching the birdies
Raegan and her adorable argyle leg warmers
Random party pic
Blake eating LouMalnati's pizza (he LOVED it)
Blake and Matt looking at the birdies (notice a theme here?)
Blake attempting to mess up all of Aubrey's coloring

Monday, October 15, 2012

Blake's Birthday Love {Part 1}

Blake was very blessed on his birthday. He received lots of fun presents and was surrounded by family and friends.
Opening his birthday gifts after he woke up
Daddy showing him how to play with his new toy
We got him a pop up tunnel/tent combo, he loved crawling through it
For his party, we rented a space and I did some decorations. The centerpiece of it all was his monthly photos on display.
Golf Theme
Balloons are a big hit with kids
Family Photo!
Katie and I

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Happy Birthday to my baby

Happy 1st Birthday to our little man. We cannot believe that it has been a year since you have entered our lives. It has been amazing to watch you grow and develop into a little boy. From keeping your hands at your face at every bottle feeding to having no fear and being totally adventurous, you have filled our home with a lot of love and happiness. We look forward to watching you grow into the cutest little boy and thank god each day for bringing you to us. We love you!
Blake Louis Malic
Born at 6:51 pm

Friday, October 12, 2012

School Picture

Daycare does school picture day twice a year. The first time he was not mobile and had the cutest baby pose. This time around, you can tell he was mesmorized by the camera and lights. Haha. I love the kinda crazy hair too.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

New House

It is not 100% official (we still have the appraisal and close) but we are most likely moving in December. Louis and I knew that our current place (a townhome) wasn't going to be our forever house. With Blake's arrival we quickly realized that our current setup wasn't the best for a toddler. We have LOTS of stairs and not a lot of space. The original plan was to move in the spring of 2013, but with the current interest rates and lower housing prices, we decided to start the search process. After a few months of searching online and viewing homes we found a winner. It was difficult to merge Louis and I's top priorities but we managed to get it all. We are in a great neighborhood, down the street from the elementary school (my wish lists) and great yard with big trees and more nature setting (Louis' wish list). The house does need some work and upgrades but we think this is a good space for us. We are planning on renting our townhome since we dont believe we can sell it without taking a serious loss. More to come for sure.

Front Yard

Backyard. We actually own that land but must maintain its conservancy. :)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Weekend Fun

Since its Blake's birthday week (I cannot believe that!) I figured what better way to celebrate than to post even more pictures of the peanut.
Blake loves to be outside, he also loves to ride around in his car.
Unfortunately, Blake has started to figure out how to climb and the car is fair game
Blake's love of pushing things continues....
Playing with leaves on the driveway. Kinda sad, luckily we just put an offer on a new house and it was accepted!!!! More on the Malic move later this week.
Louis had horrible luck, he got two flat tires in 24 hrs. GRRR.
Blake has decided to help Daddy put the spare on.
Blake holding the wrench
He wanted to make sure that no issues were in the trunk