Friday, December 31, 2010

Handy Hubby Strikes Again

When Louis and I moved into our house, one of the first things on our list was to update all of the lighting, the only one we wanted to keep was the light in the dining room. We made significant progress right when we moved in with the hall lights and removing the nasty gold one in the kitchen but we simply never got around to the ugly bubble light in our kitchen.

For Christmas Louis received a $100 gift card for Home Depot so we decided it is finally time to remove the ugly bubble light.

Here is the ugly bubble light before
Handy Hubby tearing the nasty thing down

Heck, the exposed wires were better looking in the kitchen than the ugly bubble light
The new light!!!
We knew that we wanted track lighting but I wasn't so keen on the typical track light and we wanted the kitchen light to match the rest of the lights in the house. We picked this bronze finish adjustable angle light for only $69!!
The new lights are super crisp and clean and give us so much more light than we thought we were going to get. Our biggest concern when replacing the ugly bubble was how to achieve the same amount of light and this smaller and more stylish version gives off WAY more light.

Major props to Louis who basically installed the entire thing by himself. We only have one step stool and I wasn't tall enough to really be useful. I did fix one of the light shades though :) I have a feeling Louis might have a potential career in installing light fixtures.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Here comes 2011

With 2011 just around the corner, I thought it might be time to try and think of a New Year's Resolution. I typically don't create resolutions each year, but I am thinking of making 2011 the year that I have a resolution. I also want to be realistic-- I am not going to say that I am going to workout 5 days a week, cause please that ain't happenin!

Problem is, I can't think of anything yet.

I need ideas!!!!! Please help. :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Curtains

Our guest bedroom is probably the most neglected room in our house. More often than not it tends to be the room that collects all of the random stuff in piles and we scramble to clean it before anyone comes to stay. The curtains in the room were the original from when we moved in. I absolutely HATED them. They were white and waaaaaayyyyyy too long. When guests stay in that room because the curtains were white the light poured in and it made it difficult to sleep. Thanks to a gift card to BB&B for Christmas Louis and I decided it was time to get new curtains. We picked a greenish/blue/teal color that is really pretty.

I apologize in advance for the horrible pictures but the lighting was really bad yesterday afternoon when I switched out the curtains. I had no patience to wait for better lighting to take awesome pics for the blog.


Look at all that extra curtain


Ahh..much better length

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning

Now that Louis and I are officially our own family, I wanted to make sure that we had some Christmas traditions of our own.

We woke up and I made Orange Rolls (yummy!!) and then we opened our presents in our pajamas and took the classic "hold up your gift pictures".

Louis got XBox 360 this year. He is dang lucky Santa called me and told me Louis was a good boy and deserved it.

My new boots!!

Sean with his GPS we got him (that's right, he DIDN"T get clothes from us)

Christmas at my parents house

Merry Christmas, hope your day was merry and bright.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Stay warm this holiday season and Merry Christmas, Love Jenny and Louis

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Decor

Since I have been slacking on the blog postings I thought I would copy from some other bloggers and show you some of my favorite holiday decor that you can get at Crate and Barrel or Pottery Barn. Most of these things I already have in my home.

Red Vase: Crate and Barrel. We currently have it on our table as a centerpiece with these crazy glitter filled branches coming out of it that Louis and Sean hate.
Snowflake Candleholder: Crate and Barrel. We have this lovely item on our dresser in our bedroom.
Green Candle: Crate and Barrel. We have these on our fireplace mantle display
Reindeer Entertaining Set: Crate and Barrel. We don't have this but I think its super cute and festive
Stockings: Pottery Barn. I got these last year for Louis and I and they look great. Plus, they are big enough for Santa to add lots of presents in it.

If anyone is looking for something fun, you can track Santa by going to this website:

Sunday, December 19, 2010

6 months!

Yesterday was Louis and I's 6 month anniversary. I can't believe that it has been only 6 months, I feel like we have been married forever. I am a little jealous though because the sun was shining all day (even if it was only 18 degrees) unlike our wedding day. I can't wait to spend our first Christmas together as husband and wife.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

The first ever Malic Christmas Blog

This year instead of writing a letter with our Christmas cards, I thought I would blog about our year for everyone to read. Most Christmas letters are strictly about what the family has done but I thought it would be nice to include fun stuff about friends and family too!

- Katie and Eric got married in the freezing cold and it was a blast
- Cheryl and Justin welcomed Aubrey into the world

- Louis and I's wedding shower

- Melanie and Ryan got married in the rain
-Erin and Jon got engaged

- We got married!!
- We went on our honeymoon to St. Lucia

- I turned 26
- We got hardwood floors in the house
-Amy and Graham celebrated their 1 year anniversary

- Louis and James' turned 27
-Katie and I started Sign it With Love

- Kassy and Ben got married in San Francisco and we got a mini vacation out of it
-Matt and Mary celebrated their 1 year wedding anniversary

- My parents threw an Oktoberfest party
-Kelly and Efren got engaged

-Second annual Malic Thanksgiving
- I got my Masters

- Louis and I's first Christmas as husband and wife

For those interested, here was the holiday card we sent out, designed of course by Sign it With Love

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Red, Green and Christmas Trees

I wanted to share a little bit of the Malic Christmas decor with all of you. As usual, pardon my horrible photo skills. Maybe one of these days I will actually learn how to take great pictures and get a kick butt camera.

The Fireplace

Last year we ordered Christmas stockings with our names on them from Pottery Barn (I got free monogramming and shipping). The reindeer hooks are from Kohls. The shimmery candles and large vase are from Crate and Barrel. The candle holders are from Pottery Barn (I got them shopping with Katie for Thanksgiving). Lastly Wal-Mart provided me the colorful ornaments for the vase. I know that all of the Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel references sound pricey but I used gift cards, sales etc to make it affordable.

Our HUGE Christmas tree

Ok, so granted this picture doesn't seem "huge" but I swear it is. It takes forever to put up and decorate. Our living room requires some furniture re-arranging to accommodate this fun holiday staple.

Here is a question, how the heck can you take a good picture of Christmas lights?

Happy Birthday Eric

I want to give a Birthday Blog shout out to Eric Kramer. He is the big 2-7 today. I feel like it is kinda pointless to post this because he barely reads his wife's blog, so there is no chance in heck he reads this (unless Katie shows him!) but still I feel a shoutout is necessary. So Happy Birthday to you-- I am sure you will celebrate by watching Predator. :)

(This pic is from Eric and Katie's wedding)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sorry for the Neglect

I know I have kinda been a slacker lately so I am hoping I can catch everyone up with this post.

1. Congrats to my brother in law, James. He found out on Friday that the bank accepted his offer on a townhome in Arlington Heights (near Buffalo Grove H.S.). Everyone cross your fingers for a great inspection. If all goes well he will be a homeowner in January. You can count on many a blog postings about projects around his place. He got a foreclosure that needs a little bit of TLC. I am pumped to help decorate!!!

2. Friday was Louis and I's date day. We had the day off of work just because and it was so great. We went to lunch at the Lucky Monk then went bowling. Typically I stink at bowling but this time around I got a 126 (which for me is a great score). Louis said its because I am now a Malic and they have a knack for bowling :) Then Louis and I played some pool, I humor him by trying to play and every once and awhile have a great shot.

3. Yesterday Louis, James and I saw Harry Potter. I will admit that at the beginning of the Harry Potter craze I was not a fan and made fun of Louis and James for liking it. Then I started watching one of the many ABC Family marathons of Harry Potter weekends and got into it. Then I read the last two books and was hooked. I have to admit that I sorta have a crush on Ron, he is so funny and cute! This last movie was action packed and full of excitement. I highly recommend.

4. Today Louis and I went over to Cheryl and Justin's house for lunch and to watch part of the Bears game. I know this is probably a little bias but I am quite sure that Aubrey is the cutest baby on the planet. She loves exploring and can entertain herself and us for a long time. It makes me want one just like her (well, except the not sleeping through the night part!!!)

Ok, phew, that was a super quick recap of my last couple of days. I plan on getting back on track this week and entertaining you (or not) with my blogging.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Louis and I have two Christmas trees in our house. In typical Martha fashion, I like that the trees have cohesiveness and are in the same color theme. Our trees have red and gold ornaments. However, we make room for some ornaments that have special meaning to us. I will apologize in advance for the horrible photography but I didn't want them to look washed out.

First up is Bianca. I got this ornament from my Grandma Unti when I was little as a Christmas present. All of the girl cousins got a Bianca and the boys got Bernard. Every year growing up it was my favorite ornament and I always wanted to find the best place to put it on the tree. Bianca is an ornament that will always be on my tree.

The next ornament is one that we received as a wedding present. It is from Louis' cousin Dee. It is Louis and I with our wedding colors and date. I originally wanted an ornament that said "our first christmas" but realized that this one was way better because it is personal and unique.
Louis and I have started a recent tradition of buying a Christmas ornament every place we vacation to have a fun reminder of the trips we have taken together. We got this ornament in San Francisco at Muir Woods.
This was the first ornament in the travel collection, it was from our cruise in 2008. And bonus-- it matches my theme!!!
Louis and I did get an ornament on our honeymoon. It is actually a really cute clear glass ball with sand inside but my crazy husband won't allow it on the tree because there is sand inside..... (this is his hint that his wife wants it on the tree). I don't have a picture because its not on our tree, :(

Do you have any fun holiday ornaments or traditions? Share any fun tips or suggestions.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Birthday Shoutouts

This week has been a big week for Unti family birthdays!

On Monday was my cousin, Kassy's birthday. She recently moved from San Francisco (read about her wedding and our trip to San Fran in a previous blog post) back to Wisconsin. She is now in Green Bay enjoying the cold and snow!!

Today is my other cousin, Amy's birthday. She was one of my bridemaids and looked awesome! Her arms are mega buff in this pic from all the rock climbing she does.

Happy Birthday to my two cousins!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Grand Geneva

On Black Friday Louis and I went with my parents up to Wisconsin. We ate dinner at Gordy's and then headed over to the Grand Geneva for an after dinner drink and check out there amazing Christmas display. Get ready for lots of fun and festive Christmas pictures, after all it is the month of Christmas (and Amy's birthday)!!!

The entrance to the main hotel at Grand Geneva

Louis and I in front of the purple Christmas themed upside down tree

Mickey Mouse (They had a Disney theme this year)

The Badger Mickey!!!

A bunch of polar bears in the window

My camera can't do this scene justice

Minnie getting a mani/pedi

Cupcake Tree

The football themed Gingerbread house-- the only problem was the Packer house in the center!

My favorite Gingerbread house

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Glee-ful Tuesday

Since it is officially the Christmas season, I am glee-ful for Christmas music. Yes, I am the person that anxiously awaits being able to hear the Christmas music on the radio (thanks 93.9!!)

I am actually watching the CMA Country Christmas as I write this blog entry. This TV special is combining two of my favorite things: Country Music and Christmas Music-- BOOYAH

Some of my most distinct Christmas memories are with my dad playing the Vince Gill Christmas album-- I am surprised the CD hasn't broke yet. By Christmas day my mom, Sean and I are ready to go crazy with all of the Vince Gill!

So crank up the Christmas music and get in the spirit of the season.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Meet Mr. Kors

My parents were very kind and nice enough to buy me a gift for my graduation. They got me a Michael Kors purse!! I am super duper excited and love it.

Thanks Mom and Dad!!!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Brine O Brine

Thanksgiving was a success!!! Not only was it a fun and relaxing day with family but the food turned out amazing.

First I wanted to show everyone what the table looked like. I picked up a tablecloth at BedBath&Beyond for $9 and then got the two glass candle holders from Pottery Barn. The candles were on clearance from Kohls ($3 a piece!!) and lastly the garland from Michaels-- again on sale. Since my table was small and I wanted room for all the plates and food I kept the setting simple. In addition, I added pinecones from around the house to the table to fill in some empty spaces.

The placecards were cute and super simple to make. I promised Louis credit for picking out the pretty paper that we used in the background. Then with Katie's help she printed me the name tags with the leaves on them and I used a glitter pen and went over them to give them a fancy look.

Now for the Turkey. Major props to Dave who convinced me to brine the turkey. The day before Thanksgiving my mom came over to help me attempt this whole brining business. I didn't have a pot big enough to fit the 17.5 lb turkey so I used a plastic ice bucket we had in the garage. We put the turkey in it and then added ice cubes and plastic bags and towels on top to keep the turkey cold (since it wouldn't fit in the fridge) and then I added some ice packs before bed to keep it cold overnight. Here is how weird it looked...

My mom and I cleaning the turkey!!
This is proof that I put my hands in the turkey and cleaned it!!!!

On Thanksgiving morning I put the turkey in the oven myself (Louis my assistant refused to touch the turkey so he was utterly no help). When we took the turkey out of the oven there was a TON of juice and the turkey was honestly the best I have ever eaten. It was so moist and delicious!!!! I kinda rocked this whole brining thing and I highly recommend everyone doing it-- heck if I can, you can.

Hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving and now I am in full Christmas mode!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An IWU Photo

Over the weekend I finally got the digital negatives to our wedding pictures. Since Louis and I both went to IWU as well as our favorite peeps, it is tradition to take an IWU photo at the wedding. We took a nice and normal one (which I submitted to the IWU magazine) but I thought this picture was way more entertaining and fun so you all get to enjoy!!!!

Oh how I miss IWU!!!

Glee-ful Tuesday

This week I am gleeful for Thanksgiving (you had to see that one coming!!)

Per the new tradition, Thanksgiving will once again be at Louis and I's house. I am pretty excited to have some time off of work and hang out with my family and of course, eat lots of yummy food.

This year I am definitely stepping it up a notch in the hosting department, thanks to some lovely wedding presents we now will have actual plates and silverware as opposed to the paper and plastic of Thanksgiving 2009. :)

As you have seen from my Pottery Barn posting, I also plan on decorating the table (another first) so this Thanksgiving is going to be classy!!!

While I know that the turkey is sort of the center of the show (I am trying a new technique this year-- look for a Thanksgiving posting on that) I am mostly excited for my Mom's stuffing. :) Sean and I can pretty much just eat that for our entire meal.

On another random note I love how crazy Chicago weather is (note the sarcastic tone). It goes from 68 to 27 degrees in 24 hours. I blame Louis though who out loud a week ago said-- I hope its cold for Thanksgiving. Feel free to blame him for any cold weather

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

5 month anniversary

UPDATE: Louis just sent me flowers at work.....awwwwww. Thanks babe!! (You can see some of the pictures I have of us in my cube in the background!!). I LOVE YOU

I know many of you find it cheesy and lame that I keep posting each time its Louis and I's monthly anniversary but hey, I am only going to be a newlywed once so I am taking advantage!!!

Happy 5 month anniversary babe!

I love you.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Pottery Barn Thanksgiving

I am finally getting around to this post, and just in time. In the middle of October Katie and I went to a free class at Pottery Barn (they have lots of these year round) and the theme of the class was how to decorate your Thanksgiving table-- Pottery Barn style.

Bonus: we got 10% off anything we purchased because we attended the class. I ended up with two candle-holders and napkins.

Here are some tips that I learned:

Glassware is placed above the plate to the right. A water goblet is placed directly above the knife and any other stemware is set to its right.

Flatware is placed in order of usage from the outside in. Place forks to the left of the plate, and knife and spoons to the right.

A formal place setting requires three plates: bread, salad and dinner
A casual place setting requires just a dinner plate

This was their formal table and there clearly was a lot going on here. I really like the candles that look like birch trees. They also layered table runners for a cool effect.

Here was what they recommended for a buffet station. The two keys with this are keep the silverware at the end (if its not already on the table) and create different heights for visual interest. They also labeled all of the food-- which is a great idea. Although at my house I don't we need a label for mashed potatoes!

Here was the drink station. They kept it very simple and had an ice bucket and glassware. You can add or take away from this as much as you want. How cute are the towels!!

This was the casual table setting. The candle display took up a lot of space and they recommend you move it during the actual meal so you can encourage conversation.

Overall the class was a lot of fun and Katie and I were the only ones taking pictures (they encouraged the picture taking!!). I plan on making my first attempt at designing the Thanksgiving table. There will definitely be a posting with my results!

Happy Almost Thanksgiving