Sunday, July 31, 2011

Erin's Bachelorette Party

On Saturday it was the future Mrs. Poliskie's bachelorette party. The festivities were in the city so Jenn and I took the 9:20am train into the city to meet up with the girls for the fun to begin. The kickoff to the party was going to NAS salon in Wrigleyville to get mani and pedi's. I highly recommend this place if anyone is in the city, the staff was amazing and pampered the heck out of us, I was really bummed I couldn't partake in the free sangria!!

Erin and Jenn getting pedi's

After the lovely spa time we walked down the street to Goose Island for some lunch. They had cheese curds!!

Me and Katie

Following lunch we headed back to the Hilton Chicago to get ready and have Erin open presents and play some games before dinner.

Erin and her underwear from the game "Guess who got these for you"

Erin showing off the sweatshirt that Katie and I got her. And yes, she does have clothes on underneath, its just a funny angle.

Kelly (Erin's sister and Maid of Honor) got all of us girls a gift, woohoo to Koozies!

Erin and her champagne!
I had to throw a few slightly inappropriate pictures in! Katie and Erin....
The party: Me, Jenn, Kelly, Marie, Erin and Katie
The party part 2: Me, Jenn, Kelly, Marie, Erin and Kristin
After the games and present fun, we were off to dinner. Kelly surprised everyone by renting a limo to take us to dinner. She is a rockstar MOH!

Kelly and Erin in the limo

Dinner at Carnivale, it was very yummy!

The girls taking shots
After the first bar, we walked a few blocks to the next place. We were debating between going to Benchmark and Fireplace Inn and when we walked past Benchmark there was a HUGE line (probably about a 45 min wait). Turns out Benchmark was digging the pregnant chick so all of us girls got to the front of the line and got right inside. Booyah for pregnancy paying off!!

Because I was sober sally I met up with Louis and James (they were at Jon's bachelor party) to take the last train home so I could try and sleep in my own bed. I am betting that the fun continued for many more hours.

Er- I hope you had a great party and Kel- Rockstar job at planning your sister's party

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wall of Smartness

As some of you may remember in one of my previous posts I complained about my MBA diploma being dinky. We just last week Louis' DePaul MBA diploma arrived and sure was bigger. GRRRR. Now people are going to think he is smarter than me which is totally NOT the case ;)

Anyways, we finally got around to getting frames for both of them so we wanted to add them to our wall of smartness. Ya know, the place in the house where you display your diplomas so when people come over they can be impressed.

In other words it is the 4 most expensive pieces of paper we own :)

Here is the before shot...even our undergrad diploma's while they are the same size, Louis got the obnoxious frame to make his look bigger!
Here is what it looks like you can tell mine look small and stupid...
We are planning on switching out my IWU frame for a wood one so they completely match but for now this will have to do. Either way my diploma's look like the ugly step sister's to Louis'.
If you ever come over to my house, please lie to me and tell me that mine look the best!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

As Seen on TV

One of our biggest challenges in clearing out our guest room to turn it into baby malic's nursery was what the heck are we going to do with all of this stuff we have stored in there. Everyone knows that comforters and bedding are super bulky and difficult to store. I have never ever bought anything that I have seen on TV but I thought that maybe these space bags could solve our problem. We went to BBB and sure enough they had a whole bunch of them. I was super excited to try this out!

Here is our before can't really tell from this shot but there are 4 comforters, mattress pad, sheets and numerous pillows.
Louis is stuffing the bag with a comforter and sheets
Sucking the air out
Now, I have to say, they definitely did not get super flat and nice like you see on TV or in the picture (it actually only got slightly smaller than the picture above) but we were able to fit all of the bedding I listed above on one shelf in our hall closet which is impressive. I am digging these space saver bags and think it was worth the $14 investment.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Floors

As some of you might recall, last summer Louis and I began the process of replacing just about every floor surface in our house. Last summer we tackled the main level and stairs/landing area. This summer we completed the house by updating the two bathrooms upstairs as well as the bedrooms and family room. We knew all along that we were going to do it in two parts and it just worked out really well for timing so now the little man has brand new carpet and floors in his bedroom/bathroom. It also was good motivation to start to make the change from having a guest room to a nursery. This year we decided to go with Empire carpet because they were significantly less money and their price included removing the old flooring and moving the furniture so it was a win win.

Here was the master bathroom before....the cheap sticky tiles were moving and just stained and gross!
Here is the master again but from a different angle...take note of the pathetic storage bin system we had going on.
Here it is updated :) We ordered vinyl for the bathrooms instead of tile since we know that this isn't our home for years to come
I changed the lighting for this second shot-- I think this coloring is more accurate. We also solved the storage bin problem by finding this cute bench from IKEA. I love that store!
Here was the before shot of the guest bedroom, minus all the furniture we moved into my parent's storage unit until we move
This is what it looks like now as the nursery. The picture can't really do justice for the carpet change but I swear it is a million times better. Uncle James even put together the new IKEA rocking chair for the little man!

I am so glad that we are finally done with all of the big projects we wanted to tackle around the house. Although I am sure that I will think of something that I want Louis to do next! Louis also insisted that I give him a handy hubby shout out for moving all of the furniture and basically doing 80% of the work. I love you babe!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Home Stretch

Its official I am in my 3rd trimester! I now get to go to the doctors office every two weeks. I have gained 20 lbs so far, which is so hard to believe. I am lucky though that all of the weight (for the most part) is right in my tummy. The baby is still kicking like crazy, I swear he has fiesty personality and is training to be a soccer superstar. The only complaints at this point besides massive discomfort in the heat is the back aches, impossible time sleeping, and the always lovely cankles.

13 weeks until Baby Malic makes his entrance into the world, next up, getting his room ready!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Bad

I apologize for the lack of blog postings! I just don't have much going on that isn't work or being pregnant. I didn't think that a post about how my back is killing me or how the baby kicks me all night and doesn't allow me to sleep is entertainment.

Louis and I do have some house stuff that we are doing over the next week and a half that I will definitely keep you updated with. Afterall, Baby Malic needs a place to sleep :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mini Vacay Part 2 aka My 27th Birthday

Day number 2 in the Dells just so happened to be my birthday. We woke up and outside of our villa was this super cute baby deer. I guess the Wilderness resort got its name for a reason.

After lounging by the pool all morning Louis and James got a crash course in charcoal grills from the closer (Eric)
Katie made me this super awesome rice krispy treat cake! Then everyone sang to me :)
Before dinner we went on the upper Dells boat tour on the Wisconsin River

We ended the night at Moosejaw for some pizza. Once again I got sang to and enjoyed some free ice cream


Today's blog post was going to be mini vacay part 2, however I am breaking from that plan because I am finally able to say out loud that both of my best friends are pregnant!! They are also due a day apart from one another!!!! I am so excited for both the Kramers and the Ramsayers and I think it's so neat that our kids will be so close in age. Who knows, if one of them has a girl I might force a marriage 25 years down the road :) January is going to be a fun month with new babies :) Hopefully I can educate myself well enough in the three months I will have with a newborn to give them some awesome pointers.

If you want to see ultrasound pics for either one of them visit them here:

Katie and Eric

Melanie and Ryan

Monday, July 4, 2011

Mini Vacay Part 1

For the 4th of July weekend Louis and I went with James, Sean, Katie and Eric to the Wisconsin Dells. We stayed at the Wilderness Resort in a villa which was great because we had a lot more space to hang out versus being cramped in a hotel room. The first thing we did when we got there was hit up the 3D mini golf. Sean had the advantage because he cant see in 3D so it was easier for him to see the hole.
Louis and I rockin the 3D glasses
The pirate was shooting Sean
The shark tried to attack me but I got away
Katie the pirate, Eric the parrot
Jenny the pirate, Sean the parrot

On Saturday we woke up and geared up for a day in the sun. We were literally waiting at the gate waiting for the outdoor park to open up so we could snag a great spot and the boys could ride the rides without waiting in long lines.

Katie and I lounging
Sean and Katie chatting in the pool

For dinner we went to Buffalo Phils for some BBQ! It was a log cabin/wilderness theme which everyone thought was really cool.
Me and Louis
James and I
The little bro and me
Katie and I