Thursday, January 30, 2014


This past Sunday we had Katie, Eric and Raegan over for our monthly date. Blake really wanted to make cookies with Raegan. We baked the cookies in advance and got the frosting and sprinkles ready to go for the second Raegan walked in the door. I am pretty sure Blake finished all of his cookies by the time Raegan finished two of them. Haha. Raegan was so sweet and took her time and didn't make any mess, Blake on the other hand, sprinkles and frosting everywhere! The best part was watching Louis' reaction to sprinkles everywhere-- totally worth it!!

After cookie decorating we all headed downstairs to play. Blake didn't nap at all on Sunday so he started to get really cranky and not in a sharing mood. We came back upstairs and he asked to watch a movie and before the movie started-- he was out cold. Raegan then got all of the attention and colored and had free reign of the Malic house. It was such a nice and relaxed get together :) We have to savor these last few because we will quickly go from a group of 6 to a group of 8 in a matter of weeks!!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Abbey Resort Weekend

This past weekend we went up to Fontana, WI to stay at the Abbey Resort. We were celebrating my brother and Mom's birthdays. The hotel was really great for kids, they had a kiddie pool and lots of activities which were great with it being winter and freezing outside!

Blake loved going down the slide

One of the activities was they turned the lights off in the pool area and gave all the kids glow necklaces and played a movie. Blake really liked his glow necklace

A rare moment when Blake wanted to go swimming in the big pool with Daddy

This kid loves sucking his thumb!!!

Oh just steering the ship!

When in Wisconsin you must teach your two year old how to play Big Buck Hunter


They had free ice skating, I clearly couldn't participate but Louis, Sean and my Mom did. They all did really well!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Baby Malic Ultrasound

This past weekend we went to get a 3D ultrasound of this baby girl. We did this with Blake and it was so much fun that we had to do it again (plus, we need to keep things fair and even as long as possible!!). The whole crew came with (My parents, Louis' parents and Blake). Blake just stared down the tech the entire time and refused to look at the screen. He was my little watch dog protecting me!

We did get another confirmation that she is indeed a girl :) 

She looks A LOT like Blake when we got his 3D ultasound. She kept her hands at her face most of the time and has chubby cheeks (I totally had chubby cheeks when I was little). It is exciting to know that in a few weeks we get to meet this little lady. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Seanie!!!!

Happy 27th Birthday to my little brother!! Have fun celebrating in Green Bay and can't wait to see you next weekend in Lake Geneva to celebrate. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Ladies Man

We haven't done much lately since the new year, mainly because the temperatures with wind chill were around -45 degrees :) Blake was more than excited to get back to Daycare and hang out with his friends. Mainly, Ella. I think they spent the entire day together. 

I posted this picture on Facebook because I found it hilarious. How chill and cool is he?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Raegan's 2nd Birthday

Blake had been practicing for a week to sing "Happy Raegan" and hold up two fingers for Raegan turning 2. He was really excited for her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed birthday. He of course fell asleep in the car on the way there so he was clingy and a "party pooper" for the first 45 minutes until we ate lunch. Then he and the rest of the kids ran around the Kramer house like CRAZY. All those toys and their favorite things: Flashlights, cardboard box and climbing stairs!

Eating cupcakes!!

Oh ya know, just hanging out in the shower with flashlights


Katie and I were twins! We did not plan this at all, but in all fairness Katie bought me the sweater for Christmas so I kind of blame her!!!