Thursday, April 30, 2015

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Happy Birthday to my awesome Dad!! Even though he doesn't like a big fuss or acknowledgement on his birthday (especially this one because he is the big 6-0!)  He is the rock of this family and we all love and respect him. He is the kids favorite play mate and would do anything for anyone. LOVE YOU DAD!!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Brookie Bean

Our B is growing up so fast and getting to have quite a personality. She wants to know where Dada and Blake is at all times (thanks a lot Brookie, Mommy is cool too!). She loves going outside and riding in the little car or wagon. She actually throws a tantrum when we come inside. She is still struggling with eating actual meals during mealtime and would much rather just drink her sippy. She has 10 teeth (including 2 molars, with another on the way). Her hair is getting very mullet like and is a struggle to get it to look nice. Haha, oh well!!

(Yep, her hair has paint in it....already experimenting with coloring her hair!)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I am seriously amazed every day just how much bigger Blake is getting and it makes me sad and happy at the same time. He is so fun and it is great to see his personality and curiosity develop. 

He definitely isn't the kid that always wants to read but when he does, he gets really into it

At school there is a fence between the big kids and little kids playground and B&B always meet at the fence and play. He is SOOO sweet to Brooke. (Sidenote: I have no clue why he has his winter coat on here!). 

Blake plays hard then crashes hard

Blake loves to craft and color

Love you Buddy

Friday, April 17, 2015

Uncle Seanie's New Digs

At the end of March Sean moved into his own apartment in the city. He lives in Uptown one block from the lake. We wanted to make sure we went down there to check out his new place. The only annoying thing is the traffic getting to Sean, but once we were there it was great. His place is awesome and the kids LOVED that they could ride an elevator to Sean's place. 

View from Sean's rooftop

Uncle Sean and B on the rooftop

Blake thought it was so cool to be up high and look down, he thought he was like Spiderman

Louis and B by the lake

Blake really enjoyed exploring the lakefront

Best attempt at a family photo

I can only imagine the secret he is sharing with her

This girl has officially discovered her love of swings!

It was the perfect afternoon to spend with the kids in the city. We can't wait to have more fun at Uncle Sean's place. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015


Even after long and hard days these two cuties always put a smile on my face!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Our Easter Weekend: The Abbey Resort

The kid's school was closed on Good Friday so we decided to make a mini vacay just the four of us (which has never happened!) and drive up to the Abbey Resort in Fontana. The last time we were there I was very pregnant with Brooke. 

We got there around 11am and had good luck and were able to check in right away and hit the pool. Brooke was unsure of the water at first (it didn't help she had had severe diaper rash and diarrhea in the days prior)

Blake on the other hand, he was ready to go!

After swimming we hit up the game room

Louis is loving that he can play these games with Blake

Blake discovered air hockey and really liked it

Brookie discovered hallways are better than playgrounds for running

Blake could touch in the big pool and this was a HUGE deal for him. He loved it, so he wanted to hold Brooke in the big pool.

On Saturday we parked while the kids napped right on the water....someone woke up and insisted on being in the front with us

At 13 months she is driving (no worries the car was parked!!)

We spent a LOT of time wandering the hallways

Monkey see Monkey do

Daddy "relaxing"

Poolside family selfie

Walking on the pier

Meeting the Easter Bunny. Blake was obsessed with him and followed him around but did not want a picture with him. Brooke just was confused by the whole thing.

This is post eating Easter candy for breakfast.......definition of a sugar crash

Best family shot we got on Easter