Monday, August 29, 2011

Surprise times 2

Today, Louis and James 28th Birthday. To celebrate, yesterday I threw a surprise party for them. Throwing a surprise party was much more logistically challenging than I thought! Luckily though, both Louis and James had NO IDEA so I consider it a great success. I didn't take too many pictures but here are a few.

Gotta love the garage party
This one turned out a little dark
The boys hanging out
We moved from the garage to the driveway cause we are classy like that
The cake I made!

I want to give a big thank you to everyone for coming but especially my parents for helping me coordinating and buying things and to Jon and Erin for bringing the massive cooler.

I think its safe to say that the Malic household won't be having a big party for awhile!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Slacker Alert

I know I haven't posted something on here for awhile but that is honestly because not much has been going on that is blog worthy. Heck half the of the stuff I put on here now isn't blog worthy necessarily but I put it up anyways.

I have recently been experiencing the unpleasantness that is having a cold while pregnant. I can't take medicine to make me feel better so instead I have had a faucet of a nose since Thursday with no end in sight. Sleeping is proving more difficult than ever since I can only sleep in a few positions and I can't breathe out of my nose....

On Tuesday Louis and I are taking the Newborn Basics class which should be very eye opening and I am going to be that girl taking lots of notes :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Cutest Baby Ever!

This morning we took the grandparents with us for a 3D ultrasound. It was the coolest thing ever. We got to see this little man's personality and try and figure out who he looks like more (Louis).

He knew we were taking pictures so he smiled!!

He has the I am about to be angry face down!

Overall, I highly recommend getting this done because it was so fun to see the baby and it made us even more excited for him to arrive.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Baby has a place to sleep!

How do you follow up a bachelor/bachelorette party? Putting together baby furniture of course!! On Sunday, we borrowed my parents SUV to pick up the furniture that had finally arrived. Uncle James was on hand once again to help :) I was the official foreman of this job!

The was big and heavy apparently
Daddy carrying the dresser upstairs
The crib! Mommy and Daddy put it together pretty quickly.
The dresser
Now that we have the baby furniture in the room it is really starting to feel like our little man is arriving in 11 weeks. Up next, need to start decorating the room-- that is where Aunt Katie comes in.