Sunday, January 31, 2016

Cuteness Overload

First up, Miss Brookie!

This girl has a definite opinion about what she wears (limited to Minnie Mouse and sweatpants) and her hair (always down and never any bows or hairties) so when I got this picture from school I almost died. The pigtails are too cute. Thank you Ms Karyn!!!!!

Blake is in basketball right now and little miss wanted in on the action

Ms Karyn strikes again!!! Love the piggies :)

Ms Karyn out did herself this day, Minnie Ears to match her shirt :)

Little Man

It is crazy how big he is getting. He drew a picture with Papa and wanted a picture next to his masterpiece

Crazy hair, don't care

Brooke gets credit for taking this picture of Blake at the library

Yep, this about sums up our household!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

B&B January Pics

Two peas in a pod

Yep, still rocking the backwards coat at school

Just eating some snow

Playing dress up

Sunday, January 17, 2016

A January Adventure

The other weekend the Malic family had quite the adventure. Blake had his first playdate with Brady without us there. The plan was the kids were going to play at Brady's house for awhile then Brady's Mom was going to drive them all to Medieval Times for Brady's birthday. Meanwhile, Kathy was watching Brooke at our house. That left Louis and I to hop on the train with my parents and meet Sean in the city for his birthday dinner celebration (and celebrating my Mom's). Everything was going great, until we were about 15 mins away from Chicago and I got a text message from Brady's Mom saying that Brady was in an ambulance!!!! Apparently the boys were running around and Brady stepped on a lego and it went through his foot. Clearly, I panicked but I was also grateful it wasn't Blake and we werent there. Blake and Carson (Brady's older brother) hung out with the neighbors while Britt and Brady took a quick trip to the ER. After being stitched up, Brady came back home and insisted on playing with Blake. During the craziness we were all sitting in the train station in Chicago trying to decide we if we needed to get back on a train to come home. Luckily, that ended up not being the case. We headed over to RPM Italian. I have wanted to go there for YEARS and was super excited. The food was AMAZING and we all had such a great time (once I was relaxed and knowing Blake was OK). 

Carson being Darth Vadar with Blake and Brady (pre- incident)

Apparently these boys changed their outfits about 100 times during the evening. And, were even not wearing pants when the ambulance and fire department arrived. 

Post incident shooting some hoops

Cupcakes tend to make everything better

Meanwhile, we were stuffing our face at this awesome place

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Our Winter Break: Part 2

Our plans for New Years Eve were to be with my family in the Lake Geneva area at The Abbey Resort. 

First stop: Gordy's for lunch....

The first thing the kids wanted to do at the hotel was swim. 

For NYE we decorated the hotel and brought fun stuff to celebrate

The game room, now Brooke wanted in on the shooting action. Please note how these two are holding the guns...we are in trouble!!!

Sledding on the little hill outside of our hotel room

Blake and Daddy sledding 

S'more time 

Hotel room fun

Thanks again to my parents for a fun, and at times crazy with the kids :)

Friday, January 8, 2016

Our Winter Break: Part 1

Christmas Eve was spent at the Malic's Cary house, and I failed miserably to take pictures. Before going over to their house though we had to make cookies for Santa. And yes, I cheated and bought the pre-cut cookies and just added frosting and sprinkles!

They were NOT wanting to wear the Santa hats!

Blake was obsessed with opening presents and tried to open every single one for every single person. 

Christmas morning we had Santa visit us and the kids were really excited to see what they got. 

Brooke was getting the hang of opening presents and wanted in on the action that Blake had been doing

After hanging out at our house Christmas morning we headed back over to the Malics. The day after Christmas it was my family's turn to celebrate. 

Brookie got a sleeping bag that is just like Blake's so they decided to set up shop watching movies and eating popcorn. 

The best attempt at a family picture

Piggyback rides with Uncle Sean

My parents got Blake a fish tank for his room. First pet!!!

Thug Life

We didn't have a white Christmas but got some snow the Monday after, Blake was very excited!

Brooke made huge progress in actually wearing a coat, gloves, boots and a hat. YIPPEE. She was terrified of the snow plow.