Monday, September 30, 2013

Two Peas in a Pod

This past Saturday was our monthly date with the Kramer's. The original plan was to meet in South Barrington at Goebbert's pumpkin patch. Well Ms Raegan decided to take an extra long nap so we changed plans and met up at Randall Oaks park. Blake of course fell asleep on the way there so for the first 15-20 minutes he didn't want to play. Then he decided it was go time. They absolutely loved playing together at the park. It was actually a pretty perfect Malic/Kramer date. We decided that since the kids were having fun, instead of going to a restaurant we came back to our house and ordered pizza so the kids could play more. 

P.S. Yes, my kid insisted on wearing his pajama pants to the park!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Green Bay Part 2

After hitting up the zoo we did a quick stop at a little pumpkin and apple stand. We were only there for a few minutes before it started pouring but it was definitely worth it. We got a bag of honey crisp apples for $2.50 and they are the best apples I have ever had. WOOHOO 

After lunch and a nap, we hit up the hotel pool. This hotel had a kiddie pool area which was perfect for Blake. For the most part he was the only one in it so he was loving being able to do whatever he wanted. At first he didnt want to go do the slide but by the end he was a pro. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Green Bay Part 1

This past weekend we went up to Green Bay for a quick weekend visit. Sean planned our entire Saturday and he didn't disappoint. First up, the zoo. This was probably the best zoo I have been to. It was the perfect size, quiet, cheap and had lots of good animals. 

The penguins greeted us as we walked in

Papa and Blake

The birdies that look like "Blu" from the movie Rio (aka the Tweet Tweet Movie as Blake calls it)

The Lynx was super cool

The Buffalo

Papa's shadow, poor Uncle Sean didn't stand a chance at holding him

I made Sean take a picture with me. He was mad he got the "fat" penguin. HAHA.

One of the coolest parts of the zoo, feeding the giraffes 

Snow Lepard

Blake mastered his ROAR for the lion

Feeding the sheep and goats (it should be noted that one of the sheep got fiesty and Sean ended up giving the sheep the entire bag of food)


Up next, part 2 of our weekend adventure :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Blake at Daycare

Since Daycare sends us lots of pictures of Blake everyday, I thought I would try and share some of the best ones every other week or so. I know that this blog is pretty much pictures of Blake anyways, so enjoy!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Baby Malic

For those of you who we haven't had a chance to tell in person or don't go on Facebook, Louis, Blake and I are going to be welcoming a new addition to the family in March! Let's hope Blake is ready to share his toys!!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The 30th Birthday Party

Over the weekend we had a birthday party for Louis and James. In typical fashion I spent most of the party running around so there aren't a ton of pictures. 

Colleen made the sign that says "30" with pictures of Louis and James

I told them to act like they actually like each other

It is scary that now Colleen and I are dressing alike, that Malic influence is getting to be too much!

Kid Zone

Louis got a chair for his birthday and the box it came in turned into the best fort to play in! Raegan was so happy to be reunited with her boyfriend. 

They each got their own cake, and yes we sang!!

A HUGE thank you goes out to my parents, Colleen and Kathy and Bill for helping with the party. You all rock!!