Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Some more B&B Pictures

One of the best parts about the kid's school is that they take pictures everyday so we get to see all the fun they have. I swear, without these pictures I would have a quarter of the pictures we have of the kids. 

Blake is proud of his artwork

Brooke loves gym time

Concentrating on train track building

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Our Weekend in Michigan

Twice a year we try and get together with Melanie. Usually in the March/April timeframe we go to Michigan and in the fall she comes out here. Last year since we had Brooke we didn't get a chance to drive out there. This visit was long overdue. We left on Thursday after lunch (to time it around naps) and got there around 6:30 their time. Within an hour of being together they were playing like best friends. I will warn that most of the pictures are blurry because these kids refused to sit still for pictures. 

Maddie's nudist tendencies rubbed off on Blake

Brooke loved when they included her in the tent

We took the kids on Friday to Pump It Up and Blake's favorite was the huge slide 

Those cheeks!!

Huge suckers from Chuck E Cheese

They grow up too fast!!

Bed jumping and climbing at its finest

Definition of a successful trip = sleeping in the car on the way home

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Malic Happenings

Blake and Brady are best friends and their love for each other is so funny. Friends for life!

Miss Attitude

St. Patricks Day


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Fresh Air

The weather has taken a turn for the better and the kids are taking full advantage. Especially Brookie since she doesn't really remember being outside last summer since she was so little. 

Someone LOVES the wagon rides!!

She hates her hat but loves outside so she powers through!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

B&B Pictures

Miss B:

Went to the doctor for her 12 month appointment is is growing like a weed. She is 23 lbs 7 oz and 31 inches (90% and 98% respectively). She is walking so much better and trying to keep up!

She is loving being in the big kid room at school because she gets to play in the gym and run around

The big kid room also means more trips outside!! Fresh air is much needed around here.

When I saw this picture from school I started laughing. Blake was OBSESSED with this lawn mower at school forever and fights broke out from this exact toy. Hopefully Brooke doesn't get the same way!!


He loves getting to use the computer center at school. I think it is mostly the headphones he likes!

He also really likes to do art at school, he is always showing us his latest creation. Blake did tell us that he is having a great time going outside at recess and playing with his friends. Fresh air agrees with him!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pirates and Princesses

For Christmas Blake got tickets to Disney Jr. Pirates and Princesses show from Grandma and Grandad Malic. Basically it was Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Princess Sophia. With Grandma Malic babysitting Brooke we made the entire day about Blake. We first went out to breakfast and got him some Mickey Mouse pancakes. Clearly his face shows how excited he is for that!

Someone was really excited for the show to start!

Once the show began he was simply in awe. No smiling, or talking or letting Mommy talk to him. He was just in the zone watching the show. Mickey made a guest appearance (BIG HIT) and he wanted the Princess part to be over to see Captain Hook (haha, boys!). 

Afterwards he wanted Jake to come home and play with him..... I think this means that we need to start saving for a trip to Disney World!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Life Lately

This big girl is officially in the toddler classroom at daycare. 

Normally in the toddler room they use pack n' plays until 15 months. However, they tried Miss B on a cot and she loved it. 

We went to Red Robin for her official birthday and all she wanted to do was drink like a big girl. 

School is so great about celebrating and making our little girl feel special. 

Creative mode with his PJ's on

Friday, March 6, 2015

Pink Polka Dot Birthday Party: Part 2

We timed her party so that she would nap and wake up to the fun. Once she woke up we put her in her party dress (thanks to Rusty and Priscilla). Super girly and lovin' it!!

Someone always wants Papa snuggles when he is around

Grandma Malic dressed to match the theme, love it!

Daddy and Mommy with the birthday girl

Blake spent the first two hours of the party just like this, sleeping on the couch. He doesn't care about all the noise around him, he loves his naps!

Grandma Unti and Brookie

Fruh didn't know it but it was a secret audition for babysitters, and he passed!!

Hey Blake, wake up, its my party!!

Just because Blake had to wear a silly hat on his first birthday doesn't mean I have to Daddy!!

You want me to eat this? She was not a fan of the cupcake, she ate none of it. She ate all of the cheese popcorn instead. 

Blake was eager to help her with opening presentsx

Blake and Raegan are experts at this gift game

Besties. They work well together Blake comes up with the crazy and Raegan follows

Fairy Godmother and Brookie

Godfather with Brooke

Thank you to everyone who came. She was surrounded by lots of love. She has plenty of stylish outfits for spring. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Polka Dot Birthday Party: Part 1

When we had to start planning her party, I knew I wanted something simple and girly. Because, lord knows if she continues down this path of being obsessed with everything Blake related she will ask for a Ninja Turtle birthday party next year! 

Blake pulling Brooke around in the cooler. What good helpers!

Who knew coolers were this much fun!

Kudos to Sean for helping with the decorations. 

Her monthly photo banner, letter B and balloons

Pink and Purple cookies, yum