Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Random Pics

This girl LOVES the park and usually sticks to the swings but got brave and went inside of this and had a great time

A little popcorn while sitting in the trunk watching Daddy clean the cars

Blake and Brady.... I mean I can't wait until they graduate high school and show them these silly pictures of how much they loved each other. 

Monday, October 26, 2015

Chicago Wolves Game

For Blake's birthday he got tickets to a Chicago Wolves hockey game from Uncle Sean. He was very excited for some Mommy/Daddy time and to see all the fun stuff, but mostly to eat popcorn. 

View from our seats

Being silly

Skates the mascot (probably Blake's favorite part)


Daddy's way to watch the game while being with us, haha. 


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Blake's Birthday Celebration

This past weekend we let the birthday fun continue. The original plan was very low key pizza and cake with the family and then we got a bounce house. Haha. While it was chilly outside that didn't seem to matter and the kids LOVED it. Total success!!

Watching the worker set up the bounce house!!!

Siblings who don't plan it yet show up matching are the coolest (except for James and Louis) haha

Jumping time!

The Kramers came because well, they are basically family (minus sick Eric) and they had a blast jumping

The second cake this birthday boy got (and more to come!!)

Goofing off, and yes her coat is backwards because that is how we keep it on. Haha.

Friday, October 16, 2015

All about Blake

This little guy got new PJ's and a Chainsaw for his birthday and was a happy camper!

Pretend cast at school!

Practicing his name (the paper is upside down) but he is starting to get really good!

For his birthday he wanted to go to the "pizza restaurant" aka Nick's. Ironically, he didn't even eat pizza while he was there. 

I love that whole face smile with the squinty eyes

Singing time!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How is my baby 4?

Please someone tell me when he went from this.....

To this...... 

Blake has been such a joy to watch grow up. He is so sweet and loving, and especially patient with his sister. He LOVES to color, he will sit for a long time and color. He is all boy, he jumps and kicks and runs around like crazy. He is very into TMNT and Avengers. Hulk and Spiderman are favorites. He refuses to wear long sleeves and getting long pants on him is struggle, haha. He is still napping at school and is hit or miss on the weekends for us but he definitely still can use the nap. Brady and Adelyn are his best friends at school. He still will appease me and cuddle and get "cozy" with us. Just like his Daddy, he likes his couch time. WE LOVE YOU BUDDY!!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Our cuties

Space on Papa's lap is hard to come by!!

Blake was pretending to be a doctor

The coat still has to be put on backwards so she doesn't take it off!!

Probably my new favorite picture of Blake. In such deep concentration

She LOVES milkshakes and practically jugged it before we even got home!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Visit from Melanie

Last weekend Melanie made her annual trek out to Illinois to visit us. Of course Maddie and Adam came with and it was really nice to see them. The kids got along GREAT!!

At Nick's Pizza :)

Backyard playing

They insisted on sleeping together at night in Blake's bed

On Saturday my parents and Louis' parents volunteered to babysit and we went to Kevin's Halloween party. This was us in 2005.....ahh babies in college

Now, 2015..... :)

Louis and I in 2005

Now 2015 (please ignore his weird half smile coupled with his trucker glasses!!)

Kevin was generous enough to provide a limo so we let the kids inside before taking off. 

In the limo

Sean showed up at the party as well

Me and Colleen

Monday, October 5, 2015

B&B Fun Pics

I can't even begin to describe how much Blake loves Brady. I believe at this point, he is an honorary sibling! At school they had superhero day and I got these pictures from Britt (Brady's Mom). Seriously cute!!

Then for show and share it was the letter "P" and Blake brought a plastic pumpkin :)

Blake and I rode the train to meet Louis and Brooke (who drove) and Sean in Palatine for lunch. It was great having a little Blake and Mommy time, plus he LOVED being on the train!

Blake always comes to the grocery store with me and while I was checking out, he grabbed a spot on the bench and started reading his new book!

This little missy loves to count "oneeeeeeeeee" haha. 

Blake was being a doctor at school

I have no idea why her sweatshirt is on backwards......

Our little pizza delivery boy!