Thursday, December 7, 2017

Annual Grand Geneva Christmas Lights

Every year we have been driving to Lake Geneva to stop at the Grand Geneva to see all the light displays. This year with the weather being near perfect (in the 50's) we drove up!

Blake loved this huge bear

This might be my favorite picture
Brooke and I liked this Teddy Bear much better!!
Brooke and the "baby snowman"

We even saw Adelyn there!

Then, thanks to the Yemm's suggestion we headed over to Pier 290 for dinner and then to take a ride on the Santa Cruise. The cruise drives around the lake and stops for Santa to say if the kids were on the nice list (they were!) and then drives back.
Blake and Adelyn on the boat (I plan on using this picture in their wedding photo montage!!)

December Fun

I love when the kids both fall asleep at the same time and the house is quiet. So I captured them sleeping and every time I see them sleep they magically bring me back to when they were babies. 

For the first time we headed downtown Crystal Lake for the Holiday of Lights Parade. The weather was amazing and the light parade was awesome. New holiday tradition for sure!!

We had the Yemm's and Roehm's over and these two played so nice together!!
Blake started basketball and so far is loving it!!

November Recap

I don't know how I blinked and it has been a month since I last posted. Here is a recap of how we wrapped up November and Thanksgiving break.

We spent some time after getting hair cuts at the library.
Blake had a little Thanksgivng show and did great. He had a speaking part and nailed it!

To kick off Thanksgiving break we all went bowling. Blake did so well and scored a 93 (with bumpers!).
Bowling selfie!
Uncle Sean tagged along for bowling
After bowling we made a stop at Cabela's. The kids love walking around in there
On Thanksgiving Day I did a lot of bribing to get the kids in some nice clothes to take some family pictures.

Another brother and sister selfie
The three cooks (aka the two cooks and me attempting.....) I could get....haha.

Monday, November 13, 2017

November Dates

When Wendy and I found out that Bad Moms Christmas was coming out we immediately made a date night to see it together (we saw the first one together too!). We never have pictures of us so we took a sorta blurry one in the theater together before it started. It was a perfect girls night!

This past weekend some of our favorites (Erin and Jon) were in town from Nashville and we all ventured into the city to have a fun and very long overdue night out!

Hotel Selfie for the win
 Erin and I

The Boys (James had to leave before dinner)

The girls

Meanwhile the kids spent the night at my parents and when we picked them up it was snowing and we found them outside like this (and very excited for snow!!)

Our Halloween Happenings

This year we had a few Halloween festivities to participate in and with the kids getting older, Halloween is becoming a bigger deal in our house. 

We started off the weekend before with a Halloween party at a fellow Goddard family's house. 

Cat Boy in action

 Catboy and Minion (aka Brooke and Ruth)
 The kids made scary masks
 A Hunter and 80's girl (p.s. Louis didn't need to buy anything for this costume, p.s.s. photo credit, Blake)

Every year Goddard does a Trunk or Treat for the kids. This year I was finally able to fit it into my schedule.  Of course I pick the one year where it is the coldest Halloween in 20 years!! The wind was so bad and it was so cold so not much was sticking, this was the best I could manage!

 There are Catboy and the Minion again!

Then in the afternoon I ran over to the school to watch Blake in the school's Halloween parade. 
Happy Halloween from Catboy and Aaron Rodgers