Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Michigan Trip

This past weekend Louis and I went to Michigan to visit Melanie and Ryan. (And of course the rest of the Winslow family). It was really great to take a mini-break from work and our usual weekend routine and spend time with my awesome friend Melanie. Heck-- I had not seen her since my wedding-- talk about insane!!!! Melanie and Ryan were great hosts! They spoiled Louis and I and even tossed in a brand new Little Green Machine. :) We went out to a lot of nice meals and got to spend time with Janice and Kevin as well, which is always a treat. Plus, I had my first visit to Down River (the company that Kevin owns that Melanie also works at). Melanie's cat, Stevey and Louis developed a good bond while there so I am sure that they are both equally upset that we had to leave and come home. Melanie and Ryan also officially introduced me to Modern Family-- and heck that show is freakin hilarious. I watched at least 12 episodes while I was there. I will need to Netflix the rest of season 1. We also had a girls vs. boys Wii sport battle with Melanie and I coming out as the champs :) I can't wait for our next get together because everytime we see them it feels entirely too short! Thanks again for a great weekend. Oh P.S. I brought my camera but didn't actually take pictures-- oops!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Darn you Michigan!

Michigan and I are in a fight-- one that will last approximately 6 days until I actually visit there next week. You see, not only did Michigan steal my BFF Melanie, but now it is stealing Samantha. Ironically, Melanie and Samantha are from the same place in Michigan and went to the same high school. Now Samantha is leaving Hewitt, and Illinois to move back to Canton, and well heck, Melanie owns a house in Canton too.

Even crazier is the fact that Samantha's going away party (not to be confused with her fun happy hour last night) is next weekend when I will be in the very town she is moving to.

Also, why the heck is the state split up into two part-- that is just silly.

Want to know why MSU lost in the NCAA tournament last night-- cause Michigan stinks and steals my friends, thats why!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Most Random Post Ever

I know I have been MIA lately but honestly I haven't had many fun things to write about. Instead I thought I would share some random pictures on my computer from college. Here is to a walk down memory lane.

This picture is just plain weird!!

Melanie and I's kegger senior year

Louis and I

Katie and I at Daddios

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Kramer/Malic Monthly Date

As many of you know, Katie and I have gotten together at least once a month since we graduated from IWU (we are going on 5 years in April-- crap that makes me feel old!!). We wanted to do something different besides hanging out at one of our houses for the February date so Katie came up with the idea of going to the Improv Comedy Club in Schaumburg. We grabbed dinner at Ram beforehand (the place was PACKED). The show was actually more funny than I expected which is always a good thing.

Here is a picture Katie took with her fancy new camera. Also, check out the super cute new hairdo she is rockin!!