Tuesday, June 20, 2017

TimberRidge Resort

Right after Blake's Goddard graduation, we headed up to Lake Geneva for a long weekend with the Unti family (minus Louis who was in Las Vegas/Arizona for Bob's bachelor party). 

At Fontana Beach, Brooke told me to take her picture "relaxing"

 Fontana Beach has a huge sand pile for the kids to play on. Blake and Brooke had a great time jumping off!

 We stayed at the TimberRidge Resort (part of the Grand Geneva) and they had an indoor waterpark that the kids loved!

 The amazing view at Pier 290. The kids loved playing in the sand

Friday, June 16, 2017

Blake's Goddard Graduation

On May 31st Blake graduated from Goddard. It is hard to believe that he has been there since he was 12 weeks old and his time there is coming to an end (he is there for summer camp before Kindergarten). I can't say enough about the amazing teachers he has had that have taken such great care of him these last 5 and half years. Plus, he made some amazing friends and we got to be great friends with the parents!!

It will be so hard to not see these kids and Mom's everyday but we will make sure to have plenty of wine (I mean play) dates!!!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

Over our Memorial Day weekend we tried to get a lot of fun in!!

We headed to the Arlington Racetrack with the kids and met up with my parents, my Grandpa and brother.

 Probably one of my favorite pictures with the kids and my Grandpa checking out the horses! It should be noted that Brooke was on a ROLL. Every time she would say "I pick the green horse!" then BAM it would win, then she would say "I pick the blue horse!" and BAM another win. Everyone else lost except for Brooke.


Then my Dad decided to make a "beach" in their backyard. 

On Monday we took a family trip to Santa's Village for the day. 

The kids LOVED riding all the rides (they both fell asleep before we left the parking lot!) and it was perfect because Brooke actually wanted to go on the rides. This was a mini practice for when we do Disney World in 2018!!