Thursday, August 25, 2016

Blake: Junior Kindergarten

Where has the time gone? How is my little boy growing up too fast? On Monday he started his first day of Jr. Kindergarten at Goddard. We absolutely love their school and his new teacher, Ms. Hildebrandt is GREAT with the kids. I think she will really help prepare Blake for "big kid school". 

Comparison between last year and this year!

I wanted to start the tradition of asking him some questions on the first day of school every year. So here is my interview with Blake (age 4)

Favorite color: blue
Favorite TV show: TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Favorite movie: Zootopia
 Favorite food: Honey Nut Cheerios (he was eating breakfast when I asked)
Favorite place to visit: Florida (he has never been there so not sure why he picked that)
Favorite part about school: playing
Favorite sport: soccer
Favorite part of summer: playing outside
What do you want to be when you grow up: work for money (ha, this cracks me up. He often says he wants to be a policeman but lately he knows you have to work to make money)
Favorite thing about Brooke: playing with her
Favorite thing to do with Mommy: play with big trucks and cars
Favorite thing to do with Daddy: jump on him to wake him up (it really is hilarious to wake up Louis)
What one word describes you the best: happy

After this I was done with the questions but he said he wanted to keep the interviewing going so I asked him some more!! 

Who are your best friends: Adelyn, Brady, Logan, Mason, all my friends
Favorite toy: Avengers toys (Hulk)
What do you think will be fun at Jr. K: Playing with Ms. Hildebrandt
What do you like to draw: Rhino and Gorilla
Favorite Animal: Gorilla
Favorite Stuffed Animal: Brutus

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Life Lately

How the heck is it the middle of August and I am just now posting pictures? Shame on me!! 

The other weekend Wendy and I decided to take the kids to Lindy's Landing for lunch on the beach. Literally, the picnic tables were on the sand so we could easily hang out and watch the kids.

 Blake hanging out with his bestie on water day!

Wendy and I went to go see Bad Mom's together and we intentionally picked a movie theater that serves wine, well turns out they weren't serving when we were there...insert sad selfie

Since the kids wake up so early, we usually have lots of time in the mornings on the weekends so we hit up the park. 

Blake wanted to play tennis at the park so him and Louis played while Brooke and I hit up the park. Blake is really loving tennis (music to Louis' ears!)
 When the annoying little sister gets in the way on the court

 School smiles!
 The other weekend we decided to randomly head to the Brookfield Zoo. Our attempt at a selfie.......

 Blake has a current obsession with Gorilla's so this was perfect

 This little one conquered her fears of the carousel (with Mommy holding her very tight!)

Blake and McKenna absolutely love each other. McKenna lights up and starts talking up a storm when she sees Blake. 
 Home Depot= greatest store ever. This racecar cart was PERFECT to entertain these two
 I mean, how stinkin' cute is this?
 Blake was invited to Logan's 5th birthday party and of course him and Brady got crazy... (note: Adelyn is smart and walking away!)
 See what I mean about crazy.....
 More outside smiles
 Last Saturday we headed over to the wakeboard park at Three Oaks beach to watch the guys and play in the sand
 Louis very excited they serve CL Brewing Beer!

And because I am an awesome Mom, I took this picture during a meltdown Brooke was having that her granola bar broke in half and we couldn't fix it..... two year old problems!