Monday, January 30, 2017

January Recap

Our January was spent pretty much just going to birthday celebrations!! 

My little brother turned 30!! (how the heck did that happen?) and he really wanted me to come with him to soul cycle in the city. Challenge accepted. It was a lot of fun (but dang it was hard) my body was sore for days!!!
 The actual birthday celebration....

In the fall we took the kids to the high school football game so this winter we wanted to try and take them to a basketball game. Safe to say these kids were entertained! Although, I must say, kids nowdays have no school spirit, it wasn't as lively and fun as I remember. 

Paging Dr. Brooke.... 
 And then somehow because it is Chicago land, we got a freak 55 degree day in January. So naturally my kids took that as shorts and tshirt weather outside.

Then somehow this little cutie pie turned 1. What the heck McKenna, stop growing!!
 In keeping the birthday theme rolling, we then celebrated my Mom's birthday. These kids are eating cake on the regular!!

Then as part of the kids Christmas present we got tickets to Disney on Ice. This was the first big show we took Brooke to and she loved it. She was definitely in awe of seeing all the action. Meanwhile, Blake was more curious to know how the workers were doing everything and inner workings of the show (oh and watching the Zamboni)
 When you have an older brother it doesn't matter how many princesses you see, you want a sword too!
Can't believe how much celebrating we did in January!!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Our Christmas Break Recap Part 2

Blake got real tools for Christmas and was excited to put them to work and "build" stuff. 

For the New Years weekend we packed up and headed to the "Moose Hotel" aka Wisconsin Dells, Wilderness Resort. It was perfect timing because the kids were getting restless. Last year when we went Blake wanted to do painting but we didnt get it in, so first up on our list was heading to their little paint your own pottery place. Blake painted a shark, with red teeth..... oh lordy. 

Brooke painted a moose. 

Our room wasn't ready so we hit up the game area. Blake just hopped right on the motorcycle and seemed to know exactly what to do. 

Then we all watched Blake and Louis go on the go carts

For dinner we hit up the local pizza place (MooseJaw-- notice a theme?). They give everyone hats to wear. Blake literally slept the entire dinner-- all the playing and swimming wore him out!

Hanging out at the wave pool before the waves started

Our Brookie bean can be a diva. When she decided she was done swimming, she insisted on wearing just her swim diaper (she is almost fully potty trained but we didnt want to be the parents responsible for the pool closing if there was an accident!!) and lounging and watching a show....

We had our own NYE party in our condo. I brought some decorations and props and the kids got into the spirit, they loved having a "party". 

Oh hey Uncle Sean

Grandma having fun

Blake mastering the photo bomb

Always the highlight of staying hotels, luggage carts!!!

Our condo had an all seasons room with a fireplace, TV, chairs and this huge jacuzzi. The kids LOVED it, they could swim and play and be crazy. 

It was a great trip, Blake LOVED going on the water slides and we must have climbed those stairs 100 times. The condo was great and perfect for our family. Special thanks to my parents for setting it all up!!! 

Friday, January 6, 2017

Our Christmas Break Recap: Part 1

We spent Christmas Eve with my parents. My parents cooked an amazing meal and the kids were all spoiled. Louis and I actually took a picture together, woohoo. 

Uncle Sean got Blake a bow and arrow...he was VERY excited

That look...... 

Christmas morning we woke up at our house to see what Santa left us. The kids were loving their new rocking horses!!

Blake had asked for a "Big Bumblebee just like Mason's"...Santa was smart to know just what to bring

My kids are ALL about the cozy and Brooke loved her new Minnie pillow

Santa also brought Brooke new jammies and she clearly wasted no time breaking them in

After we cleaned up we headed over to the Cary Malic house to keep the celebration rolling. By this point the kids were totally over getting their pictures taken while opening gifts. Heck, getting this family picture was a process and bribery in itself. 

The kids and us had the whole week off of school/work and the weather got a bit warmer (all the snow melted) so the kids took a walk!

Part of our Christmas gift with the Malic crew was heading to the Chicago Botanic Gardens to see their Winter Wonderland exhibit. We all bundled up (it got COLD again) and headed over. It was so pretty and I can't even imagine how much effort went into making it!!. 

Wrigley Field (Go Cubs Go)

The kids were TOTALLY NOT into taking pictures, and they were a bit crabby so this was the best we got!!