Monday, December 30, 2013

Our Christmas

This year Blake was definitely more into Christmas, and of course his favorite part was opening presents. He was a pro by the time Santa came to our house. 

Santa left the new "Mikey and Sully" movie (aka Monsters University) in his stocking. We have already watched it about 100 times.

Santa brought a tool bench

Magna Doodle, he is a fan

"Santa" brought Louis a new watch...

We had a nice and relaxing Christmas morning then we headed over to my parents for lunch and then to James for dinner. Christmas was full of family and fun. 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Unti Family Christmas

Christmas Eve was spent at my parents house for the Unti Christmas. Sean was able to drive down for the day and a half and my parents brought my Grandma Picard down so it was a nice festive time. 

Uncle Sean got Blake a digger, he was a big fan

Me and my Grandma

Blake and Grandma cooking

Watching Blake play with stickers

Classic Blake pose while watching a movie

Yep, Blake started opening Sean's presents before it was time to start opening them!

Louis FINALLY got his Pottery Barn Wolf Blanket

Uncle Sean also got Blake a remote control car...he loves it but is still trying to figure it out!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Zoo Lights

As you are all aware of by now, each month we have an annual Malic/Kramer date. December is usually the hardest month for us to plan because those crazy Kramer's have a zillion things going on between the holidays and Eric and Raegan's birthdays but luckily we were able to fit in our date. No shocker that Katie suggested Zoo Lights and no shocker that the Malic's were concerned about the cold. Thankfully, it was actually "decent" outside and we were able to go into the indoor exhibits enough that no one was really cold. 

Besties in the wagon!

A selfie with the hubby to prove I was there and not just behind the camera the entire time

Saying hello to the fish 

Yep, they are holding hands! So cute. 

I am horrible at taking pictures of lights at night so this was the best I got. It was really pretty and festive with the lights everywhere.

The little peanuts in front of the Dolphin height display. 

Minus Blake falling off of his chair during dinner (there was a lot of crying and blood, but luckily he just bit his lip and was fine although Raegan might have gotten more upset than him about the situation, she loves her Blake!) the trip was a great success! 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Malic Family Christmas

With Christmas falling in the middle of the week, we went down to Flossmoor the weekend before Christmas to have the Malic family Christmas. James and Colleen were there so it was the whole gang.

Blake was really into unwrapping presents

Louis performing his official "Dad" job and building the new toys

Blake is a BIG FAN of power tools

Proof that I was there :)

It has become standard to feed the squirrels and birds while at Grandma's house

I did a horrible job of trying to get family pictures or really any pictures of things besides Blake. I swear I will get better at that. Overall we had a lot of fun and it was a nice, relaxing weekend!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

Our Crazy Toddler

Blake is definitely an active toddler. One who loves to eat sweets (I blame the Sweeney side of the family for that one!). Daycare let them make their own cookies he clearly was a fan of the frosting. 

Blake goes at 100% so when he crashes, he crashes. Now days it is rare to see him without at least three stuffed animals at any time. How he falls asleep like that, no clue!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Last year Blake wanted no part in the snow. He wasn't interested at all. I was really curious how he would do this year. Our December has been a snowy one so far and so we decided to try and get Blake outside in the snow. Turns out, the kid's love of cleaning extends outside! He was super excited to be able to help Daddy clean the snow off of the driveway. In fact, he kept going and started cleaning all of the bushes too! One day we will tell him he can just play in the snow but for now, we will let him think he has to clean it all up. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Random Blake Pictures

Every morning we have to take at least three stuffed animals to daycare with us. It is definitely a process!

The cold won't stop him from playing with his favorite toy (P.S. Daycare has magical powers to get him to wear a coat!)

Yep, Blake does yoga at school

Doesn't everyone walk their puppy inside with hat and gloves and no coat? 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Blake's Holiday Show

Every year Blake's daycare puts on a holiday show. This year they decided to do it a bit different. Kids two and under had their own show in the school gym. It was total chaos. Kids crying, parents trying to take pictures...basically a hot mess but an opportunity for parents to create memories for years to come. Blake's class was suppose to dance to two songs...most kids were crying or confused. Luckily, Blake sat on Miss Kelsey's lap and danced in circles without a single tear! I call that a success. On top of it all, my Dad was there and he still did well instead of running right to him. At the end Santa was there and Blake wanted NO part in getting close to him, however, the second we left all he talked about was wanting to sit on Santa's lap. Maybe next year we can get him on Santa's lap!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Fun

I want Blake to be able to to experience as many fun Christmas traditions as possible, but at the same time I don't want to exhaust myself. I need easy, quick and fun things. I decided that since Blake loves to help cook he could assist in this annual project. We made pretzels covered in almond bark and of course sprinkles! Louis was terrified of all the sprinkles getting everywhere but for the most part they were well contained. Blake had a blast putting the sprinkles on. Best part, it was fast and easy cleanup!