Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday Dad! Since it's your first birthday as a Grandpa I thought I would put pictures of you and Blake. 

We love you!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Growing Up is Exhausting!

Wednesay night Blake has his 6 month doctor's appointment. Our not so little anymore guy is 17 pounds 2 oz and is 28 inches long. He is in the 95% for height! He also got his shots, he did relatively well considering someone stabbed him with three needles. He was pretty tired all day Thursday from the shots and when we got him home from daycare and tried to give him dinner this is what happened.

Falling asleep with a handi wipe (he loves to chew on them, little weirdo!)

Completely out (practically snoring!)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blake's Helmet

About two weeks ago Blake got his DOC band aka Helmet for his head. Around 3 months of age we noticed that Blake had a significant flat spot on the back of his head. We knew a little flat spot was normal (due to him having to sleep on his back). When we talked to his doctor about it, he recommended that we watch it for a month to see if it gets better and recommended some things we try to improve it. After another month of no progress, we made an appointment to see Cranial Technologies about the DOC band. They said that he would definitely benefit from wearing the band. After a LONG insurance approval process he was finally able to get it. We are so glad that we decided to get it. For us, we wanted Blake to have a "normal" shaped head (god forbid he ever goes bald one day!) and since his ears were slightly out of alignment, we wanted to make sure he didnt have any medical issues long term as a result. It has only been two weeks but we can already tell there is a big difference. Luckily, he doesn't care at all that he has to wear this thing 23 hours per day (he gets one hour off for us to clean the band and give him a bath since it cant get wet). Fingers crossed he is done with treatment by mid June.

Early Morning Play Time!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Boys will be Boys

On Saturday we had our monthly date with the Kramer Family. It is really fun to watch both Blake and Raegan grow up. When we finally decided to put them on the floor together to play, the first 10 seconds were sweet, they tried to hold hands. 

And then Blake rolled towards Raegan and hit her in the face. The poor girl got scared to death! And I just so happened to capture it on film. Raegan, we owe you one so whenever you want to spit up on him or smack him back let me know.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

School Pictures

Goddard (his daycare) did their annual school photos. I was anxious that either Blake was going to spit up all over his outfit (thank you Ms Kim and Ms Tessa for changing him RIGHT before the pictures) or he wouldn't cooperate. Turns out I feared for nothing. 

Blake Louis Malic 5.5 months

Instead of buying a package of photos I simply bought the proof so if anyone would like me to email them the photo for you to print off, just let me know!

Monday, April 16, 2012


This past long weekend, Louis and I left Blake for the first time (more on that later) to travel to Orlando to attend Kelly and Efren's wedding. Since we were in Orlando and had some down time we wanted to get in some tourist destinations but we weren't willing to pay to get into the parks. Downtown Disney (a bunch of shops and restaurants) was free to get in and just so happened to only be about 1.5 miles from the hotel. That meant a cheap cab ride and we were sort of in the happiest place on earth!

Downtown Disney

There was a LegoLand store (aka little boy heaven). This was a Buzz Lightyear and Woody Lego display

Downtown Disney is on a lake and so the views were quite nice

Good Ole Louis one handed camera shot

Now for the main event, the wedding! Kelly and Efren got married on this little lake in Orlando. It was so cute and perfect! It was beachy but not overly beachy. The weather was cool and windy but no rain so it was a success. 

Jon and Mrs. Irvin

Erin (the Matron of Honor)

Mr. Irvin and Kelly

How perfect is that!

Cocktail Hour, yep that's right you could lounge in beach chairs during cocktail hour

Me and Louis

Erin and Jon

I wish I could say I was in an Irvin sandwich, but nope, its a Poliskie, Malic, Gort sandwich (please excuse how pale I am compared to these girls!)

Sending off the newlyweds

Congrats Kelly and Efren, hope you are enjoying your honeymoon in Hawaii!

Louis and I spent the rest of our Orlando trip just lounging poolside at the hotel. Sunday was actually really warm and sunny so we could try and get some sun. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

6 Months

Where the heck did the time go? How the heck did our little peanut become our little boy? He is at such a fun age (minus the teething!!). He has started eating solids, and has been practicing using a sippy cup. He LOVES to be on his tummy and can scoot backwards and get all over the place. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

Since it was Blake's first Easter we wanted to make sure we captured some good pics. 

The Easter Bunny brought Blake a blue cameo bucket!

Opening Easter presents

Family Pic!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Good Morning

I really should rename this blog "Blake Love" because essentially this has turned into the Blake picture mania. Oh well, I know that the Grandparents love it so I will stick with it.

Eating breakfast this morning. He still doesn't get the concept that if he lets go, the bottle doesn't stay in his mouth :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bath Time

About two weeks ago, we upgraded Blake to a bigger bathtub. We got an inflatable tub so that we could also easily store/transport it. He loves the extra space to splash and kick. He has recently discovered that its fun to have toys in the tub. Last night he had about 15 toys in there :)

In other Blake news, he has started eating some solid food. We have started with Green Beans which he seems to enjoy and tonight we start with Peas.

He has also started to "crawl" backwards. aka scooting backwards :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Action Packed Weekend

Warning: This post contains pictures of other people besides Blake :)

This past weekend we had a lot going on. Friday night was Stephanie Bliese and Jeff Schwartz (fellow IWU alums) wedding. It was so nice to go out for the night, since with Blake that is a rare opportunity. 

Louis and I

Colleen and James

The Happy Couple

I love this picture

Classic Malic sandwich

The IWU pic (poor Colleen got yelled at by the photographer when trying to take this picture!)

Blake Saturday morning

Saturday afternoon we had a Hew Crew get together. We headed to Eskape for some bowling. It was nice to have the whole gang there: Dave, Amy, Katie, James, Colleen, Krista, Dan, Tony, Norek, Vanessa, Louis, Blake and me. 

Katie and Blake meeting. 

Blake and his girlfriend Colleen

Uncle James and Blake

Blake kept trying to eat the bowling ball

On Sunday we had some visitors. For lunch, Fruh came over to hang out. After lunch they needed to watch golf together. 

For dinner, David who is in town came out to Cary with James to meet Blake and catch up.