Sunday, April 22, 2012

Boys will be Boys

On Saturday we had our monthly date with the Kramer Family. It is really fun to watch both Blake and Raegan grow up. When we finally decided to put them on the floor together to play, the first 10 seconds were sweet, they tried to hold hands. 

And then Blake rolled towards Raegan and hit her in the face. The poor girl got scared to death! And I just so happened to capture it on film. Raegan, we owe you one so whenever you want to spit up on him or smack him back let me know.


  1. Good capture... poor girl didn't stand a chance. Today she was way less crabby, here's to hoping it was just the day on Saturday.

  2. Raegan may 'flinch' when she sees Blake next time! Such cute pictures of darling babies.

  3. LOL. Punching Maddie and smacking Raegan. That boy is never going to get a girlfriend at this rate ;)