Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Raegan's 1st Birthday

This past Saturday was Raegan Isabel's 1st Birthday. Where the heck has the time gone? These babies are growing up too fast.
She is still the tiny little peanut. I love holding her because I feel really strong since she is so much lighter than Blake. She has really developed her personality lately and is a PRO at smiling for the camera. I would give anything to have Blake make one smile like that for the camera... She has also started walking! Watch out Blake, Raegan is on the loose.
Katie, Raegan and Eric (the off center picture credit is Louis)
The party was at the Bartlett Nature Center so they had all types of animals and displays. Blake thought it was fascinating to put his hand in the bear's mouth.
Blake loves to be held by Uncle Eric
No, Blake is not in time out. He was obsessed with the fans in the room and took every opportunity to try and touch them. Needless to say, Louis and I spent almost the entire party following him and saying "No"
Blake helping open aka play with presents
Raegan eating her cake. She was such a lady, she didn't want to get messy. Katie and Eric sort of forced the mess on her and then towards the end she got more into it.
I can only imagine what the next year has in store. We love you sweet pea!!


  1. That bear freaked me out so bad.... Blake is one brave boy. I think having the kids help open Raegan's gifts kept her more willing to stay focused on opening more gifts. So glad the entire Malic crew came. I tried multiple times to steal that boy and of course Uncle Eric gets him. Boys!

  2. What great pictures of a special birthday. Raegan looks like she totally enjoyed her party, as did Blake!