Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

Over the weekend we went down to Flossmoor for Easter. As usual Blake was all about being outside. It wasn't even that warm but that didn't stop him. At first he did NOT want to wear his coat so instead I layered on his spare shirts from his diaper bag....hey whatever works!

Blake loves to throw peanuts to the squirrels. He also now loves to try and crack open the peanuts

This happens pretty much every time we go to Flossmoor

Colleen and James hid Easter eggs for Blake. They put Goldfish in them which he then proceeded to crush them with his shoes. Easter egg fail. haha. 

Wait? You want to me hit a ball off this stand?

Finally, we convinced him to wear the coat!!

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  1. Great pictures of a perfect day. Love the caption of the T ball picture.