Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Big Boy Room

Blake is officially in the 2 year old room. Even though he has two months until he turns two, he was able to move up (part in thanks to his biting habit, which fingers crossed seems to have gone away). What is even more exciting for him is that this past Monday, Ella, his best friend is now in the same class with him. He won't stop talking about her (but don't worry Raegan he will still marry you!!). Here are some pictures of his first official week there!

One of his new favorites, coloring (no he isn't a lefty, not sure why he is coloring that way)

Blake is always surrounded by the ladies (Ella is on the right, Maggie on the left)

Probably the first picture of him outside without him holding the lawn mower

Don't worry, he hasn't forgotten about his favorite toy, there it is back in action!

Lining up for gym. Of course Ella is right next to him!!

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  1. Laughed at every picture. He is getting cuter by the day in every way!