Monday, September 30, 2013

Two Peas in a Pod

This past Saturday was our monthly date with the Kramer's. The original plan was to meet in South Barrington at Goebbert's pumpkin patch. Well Ms Raegan decided to take an extra long nap so we changed plans and met up at Randall Oaks park. Blake of course fell asleep on the way there so for the first 15-20 minutes he didn't want to play. Then he decided it was go time. They absolutely loved playing together at the park. It was actually a pretty perfect Malic/Kramer date. We decided that since the kids were having fun, instead of going to a restaurant we came back to our house and ordered pizza so the kids could play more. 

P.S. Yes, my kid insisted on wearing his pajama pants to the park!


  1. look at those "I sooooo love you eyes" my kid is giving Blake in these pictures. Oh boy we're in trouble!

  2. It's so cute how they are interacting. They definitely look like they are "buddies".