Monday, March 31, 2014

Malic Happenings

Here are some more random pictures of our daily life 

Every morning when Blake wakes up his hair looks like this. And yep, that is how I send him to school. He refuses to let us comb it or get it wet so basically he looks insane everyday. I am also not allowed to cut his hair short per Louis......

This boy LOVES to color, paint and use scissors, he is a budding artist

It was finally nice enough outside for us to take a family walk. Blake wore his snow boots (his "John boots" that his friend John gave him from school) and pushed his lawmower. He made me push his red car and then when he got tired he just hopped into his car. 

Finally some pictures when her eyes open :)


  1. Great pictures. Love Blake's hair. Brooke looks so cute, as usual! :)

  2. Brooke looks way too adorable.... seriously! Raegan can't wait till Saturday.