Thursday, June 26, 2014

Malic Happenings

Last week Louis and I celebrated our four year anniversary. It is crazy to think it has only been four years, we have clearly had a lot of change in our family since then! Love you!

On Sunday we met up with the Kramers to go to the "Touch a Truck". There were a zillion different types of vehicles. It was REALLY humid and hot and right before nap time so it wasn't the best time to have Blake do this but he was decent. He really liked playing in the fire truck and school bus. 

Random chainsaw that he loved (don't worry the blades weren't in it!!)

It is amazing what a little sucker can do! He was all smiles

This little sweet pea has been all smiles lately, despite the nasty cough she has going on

I mean, how cute is this.... love her

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  1. Beautiful family pics. Two cuties have two cuties! :)