Thursday, September 25, 2014

Brooke's Baptism

This past Sunday Brooke got baptized. She was baptized in the same church as Blake (St. Anne's in Barrington). James and Katie are her godparents just like they are for Blake. We all went out to lunch at the Onion Pub beforehand (again same thing we did for Blake, seeing a trend?). 

Before the ceremony

Brooke fell asleep for half of the ceremony (so did Blake, haha)

She woke up in time to be dunked and she did great. She didn't cry at all!! (P.S. Blake was trying to drink the water!!)

The girls (Raegan is behind us!!)

I could eat that face up, so cute!!

The only family photo #keepingitreal

Brooke and Blake are both so blessed to have such great people in their lives who love them very much. I promise that the grandparents were there but we didn't get any with my parents and the one's with Louis' parents didn't turn out at all. Oops!!

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  1. Our little "precious" looks like a baby doll in her christening outfit. Just perfect! :)