Thursday, November 6, 2014

Brooke 8 Months

Our little bean is 8 months old..... what?? She is such a sweet little girl. She is trying her hardest to start crawling. She can get on all fours and rock or scoot backwards but hasn't mastered crawling yet. I am guessing within 2 weeks we will have the baby gates back up and go into full baby getting into everything mode! She LOVES to eat real food and will shovel anything into her mouth you put in front of her. We are starting to practice with the sippy cup. She will drink out of it, but still wants us to hold it for her. I think Daddy has claimed her favorite person spot, she lights up whenever he is around and wants to be able to see him at all times. Blake is still a close second. She is wearing pretty much all 12 month clothing (she will also wear some 6-12 month Old Navy stuff). She continues to be a medical marvel because she still just has her two teeth she got at 2.5 months. Brooke talks up a storm, she says ba-ba, da-da mostly but we did hear one ma-ma!! 

Blake at 8 Months

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  1. Such fun to see her grow. She's a "keeper" for sure!