Thursday, June 4, 2015

Our Vacation: Hilton Head Island Part 1

The trip started off with a two day car ride to get to South Carolina. The kids for the most part were great in the car, but Brookie definitely had her fair share of meltdowns. Luckily, luggage carts are great ways to entertain the kids in between. 

I told my parents to grab this foldable wagon at Costco for the trip and it was amazing. The kids loved it!! These kids..

Blake caught a crab...he was excited

Blake had a total blast playing in the sand this time around at the beach. He played hard the entire time

Early morning family picture attempt

Brooke loves animals, actually it is more like an obsession. The beach was her version of heaven. She saw birds, dogs, crabs, and even deer. 

 Grandma and Brooke

Papa and Blake

I mean, come on, how cute is she in that hat!! (She couldnt actually wear it too much because it was windy and would cover her eyes)

Nap time at the beach...

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  1. Such fun! So glad you had such a great week. Can't wait for more pics!