Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Our Thanksgiving Break

The weekend before Thanksgiving we got 14 inches of snow!! Mother Nature sure is funny. We were curious to see how Brooke would react since she was too little last year to enjoy the snow. Well safe to say, she isn't a fan! It also didn't help she wouldn't put on her snowpants, mittens or boots..... 

This one on the other hand, was LOVING IT. 

I failed miserably to take pictures on Thanksgiving day, this was the only one I got. At least it is a cute one!

We have a little helper with the tree

The day after Thanksgiving we went up to the Grand Geneva (our annual tradition) too look at the lights (which were disappointing this year). 

Brooke writing her letter to Santa

Blake putting his letter to Santa in the mailbox (later the Elves came to pick up the mail to send to the North Pole)

Look, another picture of Louis and I. 

Me, my Grandma and my Mom

Throwing Sean in the mix

The kids were NOT in the picture taking mood!

James and Colleen showed up at the Grand Geneva and shockingly James and Louis were matching...... #twins

Blake was all smiles when he found Santa's sleigh

Best family group picture

On Saturday we headed over to my parents to spend more time with my Grandma and the kids insisted on hats and sunglasses, hahahaha.

On Sunday Blake and I ended our weekend with a date at the movies :)

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