Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Malic Happenings

We were spoiled with a streak of awesome weather (60's!! in March) so of course we tried to spend as much time outside as possible. 

Blake has been anti-bike for awhile and we convinced him to get back on and practice

One day she will catch him!

I mean, she is the coolest kid in school

She parties too hard

My new favorite picture of Blake

Brooke has HATED swimming since we started her back up a month ago. She would cling to us and scream the entire time. This past week we made her go by herself with the teacher and while there were some tears, she did SO MUCH better than we thought and actually kicked and floated. Progress!

Last week school had a Mom/Son block party and beforehand we took the kids to Portillos. They were definitely a crazy bunch!

James needed help fixing a piece on his roof so this meant two Malic's climbed a roof and us girls watched from the ground prepared to call 911. Luckily, it all ended well.

This little one is ALWAYS sleeping when we see her!!!!!

Saturday night Costco runs :)

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