Friday, April 22, 2016

Getting Outside and Having Fun

While we all know the weather this time of year does yo-yo when it is nice we want to take full advantage!!


Blake has some awesome friends (and they have awesome Mom's!!). Brady's older brother, Carson was in a school play so we decided to be his fan club. Adelyn and Blake hanging out before the show

Waiting for the show to start!! (Don't worry the place was full we just got in early)

Louis was VERY excited that Blake has caught the golf bug. Blake's first time at the driving range. 

Totally random, we ran into our friend from college at the golf course and he let Blake and Louis drive around on the golf cart (Blake's favorite part)

Grilling outside for dinner!!

Blake loves to play dress up, its his jam. Brooke on the other hand, not always. On this day however she decided to FINALLY wear her Minnie Dress for the first time. aka her Halloween costume.

She thought she was hilarious wearing Mommy's shirt

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