Friday, May 20, 2016

Train Date

The other weekend I had the kids by myself and I wanted to plan something. So I convinced Blake's two besties and their Mom's to all hang out. Britt had the great idea of taking the train to Des Plaines and going to the Choo Choo restaurant. The weather was FREEZING (please note my kid still insisted on shorts!) but the kids had a great time. 

Apparently at age 4 they already figured out it isnt cool to hang out with their Moms. They rode on top while we hung out below. 

Lunch time!

We had some time to kill before the train so we walked to the library. Probably not the best idea to pick a quiet place but it worked out well. 

Blake is waving even though it looks like he doesn't want his pic taken. 

Reading nook

The best part, he fell asleep right away on the way home!!

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