Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Blake's Birthday Party and Halloween

The day before Halloween Blake and Adelyn had a joint birthday party for their class. The kids had so much fun last year at their combined party, we decided to do it again. We headed back to the Gymnastics Center and had ourselves a Halloween Birthday Themed Day!!

The birthday kids (aka Batman and a witch)

The cake (it matched the invites we created)

We invited Ruth to come to the party to play with Brooke (thinking because Brooke is always so clingy to me this would allow her to have some fun). Well Brooke fell asleep on the way to the party and was very cranky at first....ha! Luckily, Ruth was all about it and Blake LOVES Ruth so it all worked out.

The birthday boy got so sweaty it looked like we poured water on his head

She finally started to perk up

They do love each other!!

The 3 amigos

Mason and Logan wanted to join the 3 amigos

When you order some cupcakes with black frosting ;)

Cupcakes for the win!!

Audrey couldn't stay for the party but stopped by to say hi to her favorites!

On Halloween this year we hit a big moment! Blake and Brooke went trick or treating for the first time ever. Yep, you heard that right. And no shocker here, Blake LOVED it. He was so excited to fill up his bucket. 

Trunk or Treat at school (notice the 3 amigos again)

Oh and someone has already started practicing writing their letter to Santa!!

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