Tuesday, December 20, 2016

B&B's Holiday Show

This year was Blake's last year in the holiday show and Brooke's first! Blake's class had to make their own ugly Christmas sweater (we had a party for him and Brady and Adelyn to make theirs) and Brooke wanted in on the fun. This is the best pic I got of the two of them! Brooke was really hesitant and nervous before the show. 

Jake, Brady and Blake before the show...all smiles

These two.... I mean come on!

The kids went in age order so Brooke was up first. At first she was a little unsure but then she totally rocked it. She was dancing along to her songs. Our little Frosty!

Blake was near the end of the performance. At first I thought he was totally going to be into it....

And then he pretty much just stood there.... He definitely isn't a theatrical child! 

Can't believe this was Blake's last year. It will be so crazy that next year he will be sitting with us watching Brooke in the show. 

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