Monday, January 30, 2017

January Recap

Our January was spent pretty much just going to birthday celebrations!! 

My little brother turned 30!! (how the heck did that happen?) and he really wanted me to come with him to soul cycle in the city. Challenge accepted. It was a lot of fun (but dang it was hard) my body was sore for days!!!
 The actual birthday celebration....

In the fall we took the kids to the high school football game so this winter we wanted to try and take them to a basketball game. Safe to say these kids were entertained! Although, I must say, kids nowdays have no school spirit, it wasn't as lively and fun as I remember. 

Paging Dr. Brooke.... 
 And then somehow because it is Chicago land, we got a freak 55 degree day in January. So naturally my kids took that as shorts and tshirt weather outside.

Then somehow this little cutie pie turned 1. What the heck McKenna, stop growing!!
 In keeping the birthday theme rolling, we then celebrated my Mom's birthday. These kids are eating cake on the regular!!

Then as part of the kids Christmas present we got tickets to Disney on Ice. This was the first big show we took Brooke to and she loved it. She was definitely in awe of seeing all the action. Meanwhile, Blake was more curious to know how the workers were doing everything and inner workings of the show (oh and watching the Zamboni)
 When you have an older brother it doesn't matter how many princesses you see, you want a sword too!
Can't believe how much celebrating we did in January!!

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