Saturday, March 4, 2017

Brooke is Three!!

It does not seem possible that it has been three years since Brooke was born.

She went from this little 8 lb 8 oz baby

to this wide eyed one year old

to this feisty two year old

to this strong and opinionated three year old

Here are some facts about our newly three year old!!
1. She is almost fully potty trained. She has been potty trained during the day for awhile (she had a whole didn't want to poop on the potty thing for awhile but is over that!). She insists on wearing underwear to bed and we are 50/50 at night for being accident free
2. She has STRONG opinions about what she wears. She only wants to wear t-shirts and sweatpants or her PJ's 99.9% of the time. Recently we got her in a maybe we are hitting a new chapter
3. This girl would eat her weight in sugar if we let her. She LOVES marshmallows and chocolate and gum/mints. 
4. She is Blake's shadow. Whatever he is playing, she wants to play. Brooke has no interest in princesses (until this past week when she asked to wear a princess dress!) she would rather play ninja or tag around the house with Blake. 
5. She is doing great at swim class and has recently started gymnastics and seems to enjoy that as well. She still loves going to the park and the swings are her favorite
6. She can be dramatic. I am talking she has tears rolling down her cheeks on almost a daily basis. If something isn't exactly what she wants and she is tired or hungry, you best believe there will be tears
7. She doesn't want to nap on the weekends unless we are driving in the car, then she passes out
8. Her blankie is her security. She sleeps with the blankie and when she is tired or upset she needs blankie to help calm her down
9. She is into watching movies and shows. She loves Daniel Tiger, Doc McStuffins, Minions, Minnie/Mickey, Elsa and Anna....the list goes on and on. Basically if it is a movie or show for kids she will pretty much watch it
10. Acts like she is much older than she is. She definitely has always wanted to keep up with Blake and her vocabulary and thinking make me think she is almost his age at times
11. She can identify that her name begins with B, count to 12 (she knows the #'s up to 20 but mixes them up)
12. She loves to sing. She sings songs all the time randomly
13. Her favorite song "Go Cubs Go"

We love you Brookie Beans

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