Friday, May 19, 2017

What we have been doing lately

Our May is only half way over and we have already had a lot of fun times and have been able to spend lots of time outside!!

This girl is completely in charge of all of her wardrobe decisions

I think they are trying to tell me that they miss the beach

When your little sister only wants to wear your old PJ's

It was dress up as what you want to be when you grow up day, she picked Doc McStuffins

When did she get so big?

Blake got to go on his first field trip (the bus ride was the coolest part according to him!!). The second best part is being with his besties and his favorite teacher ever!! 

Blake had his Kindergarten Kickoff and he did such a great job despite being nervous

Louis and I got dressed up for dinner with Louis' parents and so we took the rare opportunity to take a picture together!

Because sometimes you wear fleece PJ pants with a dress and flip flops and you accessorize it with a helmet and big stick

No clue where he gets his goofy from.......

This little girl likes to come into our room at like 3am everyday and then proceed to sleep like this to kick both Louis and I out of the bed...... 

Someone is really into basketball

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