Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Playing the waiting game

Our before baby checklist has been completed! Time is flying by, I honestly didn't know if we would get it all done before he arrived but we have. (I place some blame on Katie and Melanie for being sooo proactive, it made me think I was way behind ;) ) The room is setup, the clothes washed, toys put away, carseat installed (and inspected), completed the childbirth classes, hospital bags packed and all of the insurance/leave paperwork is ready to go. Heck, we even have an email ready to go so all Louis has to do is insert cute pictures and details and hit send so everyone will know when he arrives. While I am extremely glad that we got it all done, I am now left to play the waiting game. Each day feels so long because I am anxious, excited, nervous, happy that we are going to finally get to meet our little guy and bring him home. Not to mention, I am not a fan of being 9 months pregnant, I cannot wait to be able to tie my shoes, get up without it being a big deal, not have to go to the bathroom multiple times each night, see my feet when I look down, wear my regular clothes, go in a hot tub and drink a beer!

I know Louis is getting really excited and I am so thankful that he is because I think its hard as the dad to get as emotionally connected during these 9 months because they aren't carrying the baby. He is probably more excited though because he doesn't actually have to give birth, rather watch me do all the work!

This past weekend we were able to sneak in our last big date night before the baby. We decided to go to the Westin where we got married and dinner at the place we had the rehearsal dinner. It was so relaxing and fun to get away without actually being away.

Sorry that I haven't been having posts with pictures but the camera is packed in the hospital bag and that is where it is staying until this baby comes because knowing our luck we would take it out and forget it when the time comes!

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  1. I am so excited! I can't wait to meet Baby Malic!!! I hope he comes sooner rather than later ;)

    And a big congrats on getting it all done, although it never crossed my mind that you wouldn't! <3