Monday, January 30, 2012

Blue and Pink Love

About a month ago I emailed Melanie because I told her I had this idea for another blog (crazy, I know). I told her that without her and Katie as well as TheBump website I would have gone crazy during my pregnancy and the first weeks as a new mom (heck, I still bounce things off of them and the website cause I am clueless on so many things!). I told Melanie that I wished there was a good blog for first time Mom's so that when we had questions or things happened to us we didn't feel like it was just us. It also helped getting recommendations on which products to buy and what to avoid etc. Hence, Blue and Pink Love was born. The name came from the fact that I had a baby boy and Melanie had a baby girl. :)  It is definitely a work in progress and we would love suggestions on what topics you want to read about from us. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy the therapy that is writing about our adventures.

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