Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Baby is growing up

This week Blake will be 3 months old. It is hard to believe that he is he growing up so quickly. While we still aren't getting the best sleep out of him this age is a lot of fun. He loves to laugh and giggle and talks up a storm. He wants to always be standing or seeing what is going on around him. I start back to work tomorrow and he will be going to daycare (I already know that I am going to cry dropping him off because I was tearing up last week when we had to drop off his stuff beforehand) so here is a little photo shoot we did before he can't play with Mommy all day.


  1. Eric and I have been saying all week we cannot believe how big Blake got. He seriously looks so different in person than in pics. Raegan misses her bff

  2. He's so big!!! I can't wait to finally meet him in person and introduce him to his cousin!

    I know tomorrow is going to be hard, but you can do it momma! You picked a great center that is going to take wonderful care of him and he'll love every minute of it! <3

  3. These are great pictures. You really caught Blake's great expressions and smiles. So sweet. Good luck tomorrow and your first week back to work. Blake will be your reward at the end of the each day.