Friday, February 3, 2012

Getting Ready

Our morning routine goes as follows:
5:30am- Mommy gets up and in the shower, either Daddy is feeding Blake or Blake is sleeping
6:00 am- Daddy gets in the shower and if Blake is awake, Little Einsteins helps entertain Blake while Mommy dries her hair and gets her makeup on
6:15am- Mommy gets Blake ready (changes the diaper, lotion, cute outfit for the day and a bottle)
6:45am- Finish getting the daycare bag ready, Mommy and Daddy's lunch made and time to pack up and head to daycare

Blake enjoying some Little Einsteins after he got dressed

Blake in his chair realizing that he can lean slightly forward without falling over! Woohoo to strong ab muscles.

1 comment:

  1. Bill commented that horizontal stripes may not be the best choice for Blake's growing waistline! :) He is just way too cute and getting cuter!