Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Baby Party

Today we had a lot of visitors over! Katie, Eric, Raegan, James, Colleen, Sean and my Mom. Everyone actually came to meet Miss Raegan and she was so adorable. She is truly a little peanut compared to Blake. She was chill and relaxed and Blake was all over the place and a spit up factory. Uncle Eric got the first round of spit up and had to borrow Louis' IWU sweatshirt, and then I got soaked in spit during the photo shoot :)

The Girls

Louis insisted on sitting on the loveseat with James and Colleen to watch golf

Raegan and Blake playtime

Trying to hold hands 

Enough pictures already Mommy!

My sweet little niece


Mommy and Baby picture (immediately after this photo is when I got all the spit up)


  1. Thanks for having us over for the "Raegan meet and greet" today. It was fab seeing everyone and lunch was great!

  2. What a fun Sunday. First of many good Blake/Raegan play times. Great pictures.