Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Morning Fun

Ever since Blake figured out how to roll onto his stomach that is all he wants to do. However, he is not content just hanging out on his tummy, no no he wants to move. Since he hasn't mastered crawling yet and his way of getting around is pulling the blanket to move forward he has taken a new approach, FLYING. He is hilarious, he sticks his arms out at his side and lifts up his legs and attempts to fly. I think this is actually one of his baby yoga poses he does at daycare but he loves it.

Me attempting to get a picture of him flying

Closeup of his take off

Flying takes a lot of energy so he needs to rest on his back.
P.S. I love this outfit, for some reason the crab reminds me of Hilton Head. I think next year a trip there is needed (hint hint grandparents)

All of the playing got him tired. He also has begun to suck his thumb...we are trying to stop that habit. Wish us luck!

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