Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wisconsin Dells Vacation {Part 2}

Day two of our trip we were determined to get more outdoor time. There was a little lazy river area for kids with only 1 foot of water and a baby slide. Blake seemed to enjoy that area the most and there was shade so we set up camp. 

Blake loved drinking the pool water. We had to watch him like a hawk or he would have drank the entire pool

The pool was the perfect depth for Blake to just stand and play

Blake's first tub ride (aka I am holding him up under the tube so he doesn't fall

Blake and Mommy

Our makeshift crib

Due to naps and schedules this was the only time that Blake and Raegan were in the pool together

Uncle Sean was a super big help this weekend!

Blake drove us to dinner

Blake and Daddy!

Proof that James and Colleen were there

Family picture

What a difference a year makes. This picture pretty much sums up how completely opposite Blake and Raegan are. It is hilarious.



  1. Must get on it and post Dell pics, you are kicking my butt in the sharing photo department!

  2. Looks like everyone had a great time. Great pics.