Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wisconsin Dells Vacation {Part 1}

This year we headed to Chula Vista Resort to hang out and "relax". We got a 2 bedroom condo which, we have decided with two babies was not the best idea and poor James, Colleen and Sean had to deal with early morning craziness. Here is the view of the Wisconsin River from our condo.

At dinner the first night. Blake and Raegan were playing on the bench. Poor Raegan can't even see over it so Blake gave her the play by play of what was going on.

Because we were the anal parents who insisted on getting to the pool when it opened to get a spot in the shade for the babies, Raegan got the entire wave pool to herself. (Blake was napping).

I am starting to perfect the Louis' one hand picture taking method

Blake hanging out at the edge of the wavepool

This is what happens when we attempt to take a family picture. Blake crawls away

Blake enjoyed climbing on the lounge chairs more than the wavepool

Jacuzzi tub party in the condo

Uncle Eric showed Blake how the cooler handles flipped around, Blake thought it was so cool

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  1. Cute pics. I'm sure there are many good stories to tell! These are great.