Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Goddard Fall Fest

On Sunday, Goddard (Blake's daycare) threw their annual Fall Fest. As one of the parents on the planning committee I knew that we had to hit up this fest. Besides being free, it was going to be filled with all of his friends and teachers. Perfect!

Blake of course was clingy at the beginning but did insist on going to stand by the big scarecrow

The pumpkin painting station was definitely his favorite. He covered that entire pumpkin, including the stem! He must have used a gallon of paint. 

Of course Mommy is the one who also gets covered in paint while Daddy maintains a safe distance!

After pumpkin painting Blake and Louis made a Halloween necklace for me and ate a bunch of apple cider donuts (yummy). I had to help man one of the booths for a little bit so Louis and Blake walked around a bit and then ate some food. By the end Blake was falling asleep in my arms. 

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  1. How cute. Looked like a great event. What a great pumpkin painting! At least the color matched your shirt.