Monday, October 14, 2013

Blake's 2nd Birthday: Part 1

For Blake's 2nd Birthday we decided to keep things low key. Luckily, Melanie, Ryan and Maddie were able to come visit over his birthday weekend (they normally come during Labor Day but couldn't this year). This meant that the birthday celebration lasted all weekend. 

One of the few times over the weekend they were both calm and relaxed!

Getting crazy in the basement using the slide and jumping in all of the birthday balloons

Goofballs on the couch

On Saturday afternoon we had Blake's party. We just invited the grandparents, Katie, Eric and Raegan and then of course Melanie, Ryan and Maddie. 

Blake had just woken up from his nap when the party started, he wasn't a happy camper. Raegan was also really upset that she had to share the birthday boy!

Not surprising, Blake and his Papa

Ahhh, its so easy taking pictures without kids in them! 

 Yep, this is what happens when we try to include the kids......

This picture explains it all....being a toddler is tough!! 


  1. Every party has a pooper that's why we invited Raegan!! She really was just upset she wasn't next to her one true love. Once Blake gave her that attention she wanted she was golden the rest of the day!!!

  2. Lots of precious and hilarious moments. Great birthday!

  3. Oh I love these pictures! So glad we could be there to celebrate!!!